Saturday, May 20, 2006

Anybody know....

where I might find a Ryan Miller voodoo doll?

I'm tempted to "go Maven" and blame today's game one loss on the numerous bad puck bounces the 'Canes experienced around the Sabers net. Nahh ganna do it...wouldn't be the juncture. Stay the course. Million points of light.

Bottom line. Cam was shaky and Miller was solid. Lack of hustle on the backcheck led to goal one. On the Briere goal, Cam seemed to be back-pedaling and unsure. And McKee had way to much time to engineer his shot through a forest of tall tree screens on goal number three.

Not Marty Gerber time yet, but I hope Lavvy gives Ward no more rope than he gave Gerber in the MTL series.

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