Monday, May 22, 2006


Anybody missing a Condor?
Joe Vasicek was the Hurricanes scoring leader in the '03-'04. He suffered a catastrophic knee injury on November 11, and powerfully announced his return on April 3 with two goals and two assists. Since then, he's been virtually invisible. I know the severity and location of the injury made the rehab and comeback challenging, but if Joe can't get manufacture his place in this lineup with all that is at stake right now, he might as well be tipping his caddy with the rest of the league's left-behinds.

Don't know if it's physical, mental, plain bad luck or some combination, but it looks like the Hurricanes are leaving Big Joe on the side of the road and moving on. If he's too slow and too soft, there is no place for him. If Lavvy want's to try and leverage his bulk and good hands in front of the net, what line do you put him on and who do you sit? Chad St. Louis, errrr LaRose, the agitating little waterbug with hands of stone? First round pick Andrew Ladd and his four minutes of crash and grind? CAdams, who knocked the Be-Jesus out of Chris Drury the other night? An unfortunate injury can always open the door to opportunity, but as of now things no-lookie good for the Condor.

I believe he's under contract thru next season, so it should make for an interesting summer.

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