Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An Appeal to Ron Francis

Dear Your Franchiseness,
In 2002 you proudly hoisted the Prince of Wales Trophy after your Hurricanes won the Eastern Conference title. At the time, you knew that tradition and superstition dictated that it was bad karma to touch the figgin' thing, let alone pick it up and wave it around at center ice, or carry it along a receiving line of adoring Caniacs at RDU.

At this critical point in the season and before a possible game six clinch, I implore you bust loose with a mea culpa for your malfeasance of 2002.

Come clean now, and in doing so, you will make sure Roddy, KAdams, Wes, and/or Stillman don't repeat this egregious mistake. Please use your well-earned 'HOF Cane-Cred to remind Roddy to leave the trophy of second place on the table. Just walk away and nobody will get hurt.

Your humble servant,

The CasonBlog/Cardinal Ximinez Five Things
1. Goaltending excellence-Cam is the man of the first period. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess.
2. Discipline-Gaustad and his mates will come out hitting, hit them first and avoid the stupid retalliation penalties that put you a man down.
3. Heart-Play like this is game seven.
4. Utter ruthlessness-The Marines say pain is weakness leaving the body. Make the avoidance of pain ever-present in the Saber's psyche.
5. Veteran Leadership-Hurricane resiliency starts and ends with the vets...and Eric Staal.

...and team defense! Yes! That's it! You have to clear the area in front of the crease and push the Sabers to the outside. Arrrgh, Six, yes six main things that will ensure a glorious game six Hurricane victory, the Prince of Wales Trophy and a trip to the Stanley Cup finals. Six, six, six!!!!!

Go 'Canes


Chris said...

Rough game last night. I don't buy into the superstition not touching the PoW trophy.

The only reasoning behind not touching it that is valid at all is sending a message to your teammates that it isn't good enough.

You make your own luck.

CasonBlog said...

Chris-Touching the POW trophy seems the least of worries today. I agree with your take. Mine was just a little dig at Ronnie and Hurricane history.

Chris said...

Well, Stevie Y did the same thing that year, if memory serves. :-)