Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Great third period. It took Carolina until late in the second for the 'Canes to wake up and realize they were in the friggin' Eastern Conference final. The hole the dug for themselves with bad penalties, reaching instead of skating hard thru and with the puck and poor team defense was just too much to climb out of, but they made a gallant effort. Made for some fun hockey in right up until the horn.

Buffalo obviously fixed their OODA loop issue, and it had nothing to do with missing Teppo. They took the 'Canes out of their game just like the Hurricanes did to them on Saturday. Funny how this game ebbs and flows. I'd love to be the sports psychiatrist/psychologist/neurologist/TV personality who figures out the brain chemistry fluxuation shifts that cause teams to jell on Saturday and tank on the next Tuesday. I'd be richer than Oprah and Dr. Phil combined.

I liked Lavvy's move in the second to pull Cam Ward. Cam didn't stink all that bad, but sometimes he appears almost narcoleptic in his unflappability. You could tell by the way Marty Gerber blasted off the bench, he was pumped to get the chance back in the pipes. Were it my call, I'd go with Marty on Friday night. He was the man all season, and it's about time he reclaims ownership of the starting job.

Tonight the 'Canes left their fingerspitzengefuhl in Raleigh, but Friday is another day. Leave with a split, and it will all be good. Liked what I saw from Mark Recchi and Cory Stillman tonight. Doug Weight looked slow, and Mike Commodore played like Oleg Tverdovsky with anger management issues.

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