Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Better Lucky Than Making Tee Times

Cory Stillman, you diminutive little beer keg of a man, you looked mahvelous at around 1:19 of OT. You know Cory, Fernando likes to say it is also better to look good than feel good, but in your case it is better to be lucky than to be good my friend.

Cristobal Huet, your beret wearing, banana throwing and incessantly whistling gaullic minions will still love you despite this unfortunate setback. All the hate left the building with Jose Theodore-at least for now. You did a simply mahvelous job of stopping all those pucks the Hurricanes drilled into your belly button tonight. Too bad Craig Rivet deflected the final shot that was otherwise destined to join the rest in your gut.

Tight games turn on such things. Blown out in game 1. A heartbreaking game 2 loss in OT. I thought the Hurricane blueline would be their doom, but by the end of game 2, you could feel the tide turning. The last three games, Mike Commodore skated strong and passed the puck with poise. AWard and the boys blocked shots like demons, Bret Hedican chased down pucks and broke up rushes, and Glen Wesley moved and grinded like a 25 year old again. The 'Canes D gave Cam the chance to see nearly every shot. Wardo made several UUUUGE saves again tonight. His point-blank, slide to cover the back door stop on Mike Ribeiro was simply Brodeur-like (can you say, "foreshadowing?").

Jack Todd thinks the Devils will make short work of the 'Canes. I might have agreed with the meathead if we were talking about the Carolina Hurricanes of April 22. I think this will be a great series because it looks like the Hurricanes have their mojo back.

Yeah baby, it's back to Hurricanes and Devils. Scott Stevens blindsiding Ron Francis and Shane Willis. Kevin Weekes stuffing John Madden on the doorstep. The RBC line and Bates Battaglia tipping in the game winner in OT (saw that one live in section 117).

'Canes and Devils Round 3-A History of Violence.
(Coming to an arena nowhere near me...Damn it.)


The Acid Queen said...

d00d, you need to move out here. Seriously.

CasonBlog said...

Career paths take us to interesting places-in my case Tucson. I've traded Herb-hate for Lute-love. Lived in Raleigh until 2004. For awhile, David Tanabe was a neighbor. If the 'Canes make it to the finals I'll have to find a way back to join in the vibe. '02 was a blast.

Josh Crockett said...

Not as far away as you, but I feel the pain here 5 minutes from Dulles. Playing NJD is especially aggravating -- both arenas are close enough that it's almost feasible, but far enough away to make it impractical.

CasonBlog said...

Yup. I used to live in Manassas and commute to Ashburn. One and a half hours each way! Nothing is very accessible when you have to transit metro DC/Balmer traffic. Welcome Josh, and find a way to get to the RBC. I wish I could.