Saturday, May 06, 2006

'Canes Mojo Risin'

WARNING: It ain't gonna be this easy.
I hope the boys lock this one away and approach game two like it's game one of a brand new series. That being said, I thought I was having a Ducks/Avs deja vu today. The Hurricanes smothered the Devils all over the ice and owned the puck on the PP. The boys also showed lots of poise in killing nearly back-to-back-to-back penalties early in the tilt. I'm loving Matt Cullen more and more every time I see him. He's so aggressive on the rush and clearly wants the puck on every PP. Again, how smart was JR in picking up Cullen and Frankie Kaberle even before the new NHL took shape?

Class is out of session
I got this Marty Brodeur quote from James Mirtle's blog:

"Every time I've played against them, it's always the same thing. It's not a
problem, though. I think the instance with Williams, he kind of elbowed me right in the head and my mask was twisting off and it hit my eye a little bit and I just kind of pushed him."But it's part of the game. They're going to get to me. Definitely we're going to need to do the same thing to Cam Ward
if we're going to be successful. We've got to get to him and make it tough for him to play."

Sounds like Marty Soprano just put a contract out on the boy who idolized him as a child. If either Grant Marshall or Cam Janssen show up Monday night in a velour warmup, we'll know the hit is on. OBTW, Brodeur's smack on Justin Williams doesn't fly either. Justin got knocked into ole flopsy. Brodeur should have jumped up and taken a punch at his defensive corps before he thought to hit Williams. In fact, Brodeur should have done Three Stooges head slaps on the lot of them after their poor play. Yeah, yeah, Marty Brodeur, future hall of famer-iceman in the playoffs, yada, yada. Marty, the 'Canes flat-out owned your crease today, your defense let them do it and you flailed around like a walrus.

Devilish Distain
A site called, "Devils Due," that James listed in his post today has an interesting "top ten list." The title of the post is "Top ten things that sucked about today." I feel your pain dude. I had a similar take after the 'Canes got whalloped in game one vs. the Habs.

Alas, it looks like we're back to slamming southern hockey culture again with this line from the list:
3) Southern hockey knowledge.In the same way that Canadiens look down at the
hockey knowledge of Northeasterners, Northeasterners look down on the hockey
brains of Southerners.

List meister, Tom Lycan, goes on to hedge on this initial broadside, but the dis is hereby logged. I guess Hurricane fans are making progress. Where Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette thought 'Canes fans were nothing more than "cretins," Tom and the folks at "Everything New Jersey" will at least concede that our family trees might branch. Tom, I got your everything New Jersey right here:

  • Bruce
  • The E Street Band
  • Tony Soprano
  • Shallow graves and cement shoes

Maybe Raleigh hockey fans aren't really that dumb. Maybe the Hurricanes brass just think they are. Maybe the same 'Canes leadership that jacks up prices on second round playoff tix with little heads up is the same one that patronizes Hurricane fans with hockey knowledge bits between periods. I think what you are seeing is a reflection of the low esteem our northern and northeastern raised ownership and management team still has for its fan base. I would guess Jason Karmanos probably shares your view. He is after all a Harvard man.

Tom also takes a shot at Mike Commodore and The Nature Boy in a very funny post. Game on New Jersey. Monday night in Raleigh, and then off to the swamps of New Jersey. Yeah? Joisie? What exit?

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