Friday, May 19, 2006

CasonBlog at a glance

Happy game one everybody. Many are venturing here because CasonBlog is a final-four hockey blog. Others might be here after reading about CasonBlog in the N&O (although they never mentioned name or the URL of the blog-evidence of an insidious plot to undermine new media, me thinks--UPDATE: IT'S THERE. I MISSED IT. PLEASE DISREGARD THE RANT).

Here's a little primer. This blog is irreverent and never to be taken too seriously. You want a soliloquy on the merits of the left-wing-lock, you won't find it here. This blog is about hockey players and the characters who orbit about them-including my fellow bloggers. Here you will find shots fired at blowhard pundits who get paid to be widely published, arrogant and often wrong. At times you will see Monty Python riffs and references to the cartoons and TV shows of my youth. Mostly it's about my team since the 2001 playoffs, the Carolina Hurricanes.

There is a lot to chose from now in the Carolina Hurricanes blogosphere.

  • You want detailed eye-witness reporting, and thoughtful analysis from the the 100 level of the RBC, check out Red and Black Hockey.
  • Need tough Caniac love and a healthy smattering of rhetorical napalm? Check out Sweet Tea, Barbeque and Bodychecks and meet the Acid Queen.
  • Want some GenX culture and music reviews with your 'Canes dialog? Check out Stormbringer.
  • Go to if you want to join in the discussion and connect with some of the most connected Caniacs in the world.
  • And if you want to connect with other Sabers fans, check out this one .


Mike said...

Thanks for the blog (I read about it in the N&O today) from another displaced 'Canes fan...I moved from Raleigh to South Florida back in November.

Keep up the good work and go Canes!

Michael said...

Cool. Your post here sharing your new-found attention with the rest of the Caniac Nation blogs is very classy.

Good luck to your Canes.

The Acid Queen said...

Might want to warn any Sabres trolls *cough*pkinbuffalo*cough* that the admins at Teh LGC are even quicker to ban troublemakers than I am.

CasonBlog said...

Thanks all. Welcome aboard Mike in FLA.

Shawn said...

I can't tell you how excited I was to see you mentioned in the N&O and saw you are located in Tucson. I have to be there on business this week and was upset I was going to miss game three. Since you live there could you possibly let me know where I can go catch the end of the game? Sports bars and such are fine. Oh yeah, I like your blog too.

CasonBlog said...

Hi Michael-You might have just as well asked where you could go watch cricket or curling. Don't go to Chuy's. All they have is Mexican professional soccer and leathery steak. There are two brew pubs around the Tucson Mall. One is just south of the mall on Oracle and the other is Just north and east of that same mall at River and Stone. I'd ask to join you if I wasn't playing tomorrow night.

CasonBlog said...

I meant Shawn not Michael. Mike's a Penguins guy. If he were coming to Tucson, he'd probably ask where to go Flaminco dancing.

d-lee said...

Dude. You didn't miss it. It wasn't there.

Good that you got mentioned. I dunno if you saw it, but I made the N&O the other day too. There was a piece about the playoff ticket prices, and they got a few quotes from me. I thought that was nice that they're stretching out to the blogger community. They didn't mention my blog, but I figure the only way they could have found me is through the blog.

Shawn said...

Thanks for the info. I'm actually not coming into town until Tuesday. As I live in Raleigh and have playoff tickets my company is letting me go to the game tomorrow night and then fly to Tucson on Tuesday. I'm going to completely miss game 4 as I'm flying home to Raleigh on Friday.

CasonBlog said...

David-Which do you think...
1. They read my rant?
2. Maybe they heard from readers who wanted to know how to get to the blogs?
3. Realized the omission on their own?
Overall a great piece. I find the things I say get twisted by the media out here I deal with. David was right on in this piece.

CasonBlog said...

Shawn-Gonna be 100 degrees. Drink lots of water. If you like Mexican food, try the Carne Seca at El Charro downtown. A Negra Modello with a lime finishes it nicely.

d-lee said...

Scott, I think it was quite possibly option B. Maybe C. They probably would have made a comment here if it was A.

The piece they ran the other day about the pricing was pretty good, and it isn't as if I was misquoted, but I was a little disappointed with the direction that story went. I think they expected me to be one of the angry folks. Since that's what they were looking for, they gave more print to that side of the issue. I thought I said some really good stuff that just didn't make it to print.

Oh well.