Friday, May 19, 2006

The CheliCart and My Three Things

Monday, September 19, 2005, was the day I discovered that hockey blogging didn't have to be all about crunching statistics and rigid aherence to newsroom reporting formats. Brand new to blogging, I discovered Hockey Rants and a post and image that made me holler:

"Oh dear, it's worse
than I feared!"

(note: a pre-Hurricane Dougie Weight looks rather glum in the background)

Until yesterday, this Tka-Chunk post was the funniest I've read. Yesterday, Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed stepped up with, "The CheliCart."

The CheliCart post is sure to arouse the ire of our friend IwoCPO over at A2Y. Much like the truly hateful redneck analogy venom he recently targeted at 'Caniacs and this correspondent in particular, the dreaded Memphis Zawahiri is surely working up a retalitory strike for the fine folks at VCOE.

My Three Things
Once again, it's impossible to be objective when my team is playing for the conference championship. But here are three things the 'Canes need to take care of to move on in seven games (with at least two OT's) to face the fast, physical and daredevil Ducks for Lord Stanley's Cup (my other prediction).

1. Goaltending excellence-I think we have two shots at winning this one. Both Ward and Gerber have demonstrated the ability to be unbeatable (remember Switzerland v. Cananda?)
2. Discipline with the puck and in pursuit of the puck-take a bunch of penalties vs. these Sabers and die.
3. Heart-The 'Canes have to want it that much more.

I hope I can relax and have fun watching some great new NHL hockey. In reality, I already know I'll be captain mood-swing from now till it's all over. Screw justice, I too want a cup!

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