Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don Quixote Ruff

H/T to Joe Ovies at 850 the Blog on this post game six Lindy Ruff riff from 940 News in Montreal. To quote the great motivator...

I think we sensed that as a team, some of the arrogance on the ice,
some of their comments," Ruff said Wednesday before his team departed for
Raleigh, N.C.
"They were laughing in the 4-0 game," he later added. "They
felt like it was going to be over, we were done, we had another injury, we lost
another player. There's a fine line. They had a right to laugh, they had a
pretty good game going. But I think that our guys are the type that would take
it personally and wanted to prove that we're not done yet."
The kicker, Ruff
claimed, was hearing that the Hurricanes supposedly had champagne on ice
in the
visitors' dressing room before Game 6 on Tuesday night.

Tilting at windmills are we Lindy? Escalating the rhetoric for that little extra boost of andrenaline at game time, eh?

Players love being played for fools don't they? Do you really have to go that deep into your little bag of make-believe bulletin board material to goose Pancho Briere into donning his game face?

I had no problem with the Sabers effort or victory last night. They took it to Carolina early in the contest. The 'Canes ruled late as the Sabers started playing not to lose. Lack of discipline killed the 'Canes last night. Doug Weight admitted his mistake. Lesson learned, let's bring on game seven.

I just hope it's a good game seven. I hope the more aggressive and more disciplined team wins, and I hope whoever wins goes on to win the Cup. What's not to like and admire about the guys on the Sabers roster? What's not to like about a team that overcomes huge injury setbacks on the blueline and wins big playoff games with a rookie-ish goalie?

It's just harder today to root for Don Quixote Ruff who unfortunately chose gamesmanship over class last night.


IwoCPO said...

What team DOESN'T have champagne waiting for them after a potential clincher?

CasonBlog said...

Bubba would probably have Colt 45 on ice.

The Acid Queen said...

What team DOESN'T have champagne waiting for them after a potential clincher?

Cup clincher, yes. Conference? No.

10 Quatloos sez Ruff said that just to get the troops riled up, knowing that it was really a load of crap.

Go Canes.

CasonBlog said...

Jr said it was rubbish. I believe JR.

Jeff J said...

"I hope the more aggressive and more disciplined team wins..."

I hope the officiating doesn't make the two mutually exclusive.