Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Game Three and Update #1 on The "Big BS"

Re: Game three
Only saw the third period. Hate how work and time zones conspire to deny me my fun. I heard the end of game two on the car radio the other night leaving the zoo. John Forslund had a nice line going into the break after Eric Staal's game tying goal. Something to the effect of, "Now the better team will win." Any doubt who the better team is right now? I know things happen and safe is dead, but the Hurricanes just look like a vastly superior team. They are faster, more skilled, more in synch. The fat lady hasn't starting signing yet, but as you can see, she's getting warmed up.

The Hockey Blog Summit-The Big BS
Starting to hear some Joe-mentum on the Hockey Blogger Summit concept. Here's who we've heard from:

  • Acid Queen-First in the dogpile, suggests Nashville around Army/Navy weekend (first week in December)
  • Ingmar Bergman-Promises to leave Angmar, errr Sweden if the event looks compelling enough
  • Confessions-Mike is interested and uncowed by the concept of suffering the slings, arrows and napalm of Mer Majesty to represent for Steel Town
  • A2Y-IwoCPO seconds the idea of Nashville the first week in December but fears he must enter the city in stealth because of his virulent anti-Bubba rants this year.
  • Hockey Rants-Jes is interested but fretting the cost of venturing so far from his grandmother's basement, errr beloved Canada.

Lots of stuff to still mull. I'd like to find a weekend where we can take in two games. A place where getting a block of tickets is do-able and affordable. And a place where one can stumble from arena to pub with little constabulary intervention.


The Acid Queen said...

Well if all else fails we could hit DC (and then get Japer and Eric McErlain involved), because there are pubs and stuff near the Phone Booth.

Just a thought.

CasonBlog said...

I was thinking about DC as well. JP does have a somewhat "special" relationship with Ted Leonsis. Might be a great opportunity for Ted to connect with the hockey blog community. Hello JP? You out there?

IwoCPO said...

Have you sent an email to the blog group email address? I don't have it because I'm at work defending the nation from my cushy chair. I can send one out (an email, not a chair) tonite if you'd like.

CasonBlog said...

Hi Chief-Glad you are hard at work garding the Gedunk there in Memphis. Is there a listserv for the hockey blog community? I'm not sure what you are talking about. Can we push out a mass email to everybody from Richardson to Benjamin via a central listserv?

IwoCPO said...

There's a google group. Email me at and I'll forward you the details tonite.

CasonBlog said...