Monday, May 08, 2006

Game Two and I'm at the Zoo

It's Mutal of Omaha's Wild Kingdom for Me!
Probably won't see any of game two tonight. You see, it's "adopt a zoo animal day" and my first grader and her class are going to the zoo to meet their new friend. They've chosen a rhino, and we are gonna get a behind the scenes tour of the rhino's zoo habitat. Nothing like the noxious fumes of large African game poo in a cosy little concrete enclosure on a hot Sonoran desert evening. At least they didn't adopt an elephant.

Marty had some smack for our heroes after game one. I hope his bulletin board material keeps the 'Canes focused and angry going into game two. The keys:

  • Clamp down on Elias-give him no room to breathe
  • Crowd the crease in front of Brodeur. After game one, he might have a hair trigger temper
  • Bang Gionta and Gomez at every opportunity
  • Don't get suckered into scrums that take Staal off the ice with somebody like Grant Marshall

Go 'Canes. I'll catch up after my rhino experience. I think I'll wear Daisy Duke cargo shorts and go as Steve Irwin. "Crikey, ain't she a beaute?"

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