Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hurricane Fingerspitzengefühl

In the military they call it the OODA loop. The acronym stands for observe, orient, decide, act. Some Air Force colonel gets credit for the concept, but many believe it's something we picked up from the Germans in the Big One. Although they were big-time losers, they put together a pretty impressive run from '39-'42. Erwin Rommel was said to have had something called, "fingerspitzengefühl." No, it's not that "farfegnugen" psychobabble that VW used to peddle years ago. It's not even "funkengruven." Fingerspitzengefuhl is an ability to get inside the heads of your troops and those of the enemy, in near real time, and use that battlefield intuition to your advantage.

One of the things that made those New England Patriots teams of a few years ago so formidible was Belichick's mastery of his team's OODA loop. They were simply a dominant team in the second half. Once they saw what you were doing, they adjusted at the half and came out and kicked your arse.

Same thing in hockey. The dominant teams get into the psyche's of their opponents and disrupt their OODA loops. I would guess Lavvy and his leadership realized that what they didn't bring in game one was a physical element where they should have a distinct advantage. In game two, this adjustment totally disrupted the Saber's OODA karma. The 'Canes just beat them up and beat them down, almost to the point where a lack of discipline cost them (hello Stillman).

Yes, the Hurricanes made some rather nasty adjustments after game one. After consultation with Cardinal Ximinez of Spanish Inquisition fame the other day, I listed three things that I believed would make a difference in this series. They were: goaltending excellence, discipline, and heart. These would be the three main avenues to a Hurricanes victory: goaltending excellence, discipline, heart....and utter ruthlessness, Four! No, there are really four main paths to a glorious Carolina victory. Amongst the Hurricanes essential elements in reigning victorious at the conclusion of this series are goaltending excellence, discipline, heart, utter ruthlessness...and veteran leadership. Oh bugger. I'll come in again.

Now how do the Sabers fix their OODA loop issues? All I'm hearing so far is, "Gorsh, we could sure use Teppo back in the lineup."

My Four Stars:
1. Glenn Wesley: Jesus saves, but Wes controls those that trickle thru!
2. Bret Hedican: Just gets faster and nastier the closer he gets to the Cup.
3. AWard: Dude's gonna need a long Jaccuz real soon. Every night a multi-car pile up.
4. Doug Weight: Starting to bang like a sledgehammer and do those playmaking things JR picked him up to do.
(note: all are seasoned citizens)

UPDATE: More on the translation of fingerspitzengefuhl compliments of Her Majesty in the comment box (couldn't get the link to post in Blogger).


d-lee said...

I agree with you completely about your four stars. Especially Heddy. Every night he displays more tenacity and has more occasion to display his skating skills. While I had several occasions to doubt his value to this team during the regular season, he's been amazing in the playoffs. Huzzah!

CasonBlog said...

It really looked like the vets had a closed door session after Saturday and decided to take things in hand.

The Acid Queen said...

So did Cardinal Fang fetch the Comfy Chair, or what?

The Acid Queen said...

BTW, here's a better link for Fingerspitzengefühl:


CasonBlog said...

I was thinking about posting that one as an image to go with the entry, but all the images I found on the Web are too grainy.

Jes Gőlbez said...

Whoa man, that's deep

But how about the fact that they simply outshot the Sabres by nearly a 2-1 margin and the Sabres are without 2 good defensemen? Is there a German term for that? :)

CasonBlog said...