Monday, May 01, 2006

Jack Todd Bulletin Board Material

H/T to SISU on this one (Jeff adroitly distances himself).

Seems Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette no-likey bang-sticks. Seems he no-likey hockey in North Carolina even more. Jack calls 'Cane fans "cretins" in this lastest snide outburst-says we don't deserve the caliber of hockey our players bring to the ice. Now North Carolina is the home to both Ft. Bragg and Camp Lejune-Army and Marine Corps. Bitter memories might be clouding Jack's judgement.

The other day I blogged about what I see as a creeping bitterness in Canadian media that has festered since the Habs recent reversal of fortunes. Exhibit B is an example of sour grapes bulletin board material from the keyboard of Hell-No-I-Didn't-Go-Jack:

The Hurricanes are probably going to win this series, which will earn them a
date with the New Jersey Devils and a quick trip to the golf course - where they
and their fans can beat their ThunderStix all day long.

That being said, I concur on the bang-sticks front. They passed them out at a Thrash game I went to last fall. Must have been ADD night at Philips Arena. The din caused by these hideous things, wielded by hyperactive kids and teens with no intention of watching the game, was mind-numbing.

I agree with Jack. I say ban the bang-sticks.
I also say throw Jack Todd in Levenworth if he ventures back to U.S. soil. That will give him a Taste of Metal.

Her majesty has a tasty rant on this issue as well.


The Acid Queen said...

Oh, he can come back in the country now--he was at the RBC for Game 5 and got into an argument with a Canes fan.

He's a Canadian citizen, so the worst the US can do to him (without permission from the Canadian gubmint and without causing a huge international incident) is declare him persona non grata.

CasonBlog said...

Then let's go Latin on the pansy.

Jeff J said...

Illkay ethay uckingfay umbay?

CasonBlog said...

(shock, dismay) Et tu Brute?