Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lavvy to the Isles does not compute

Like Lavvy's gonna trade Roddy for this Bobblehead?
HT to Kukla's Corner who picked this up from Newsday's Alan Hahn. Hahn speculates that the Islanders may be holding their coaching spot for the return of Peter Laviolette. It's a rumor that has simmered since around January. In my eyes it just makes no sense.

Some pundits point to the 'Canes perceived inability to re-sign Lavvy during this season as fuel for speculation about him moving on. I think the better explanation is that JR just doesn't play things that way. He takes care of this kind of business in the off season. In my mind, end of analysis angle number one.

In his piece, Hahn states:

Newsday reported in January that one option under consideration by
Charles Wang is a tandem of John Weisbrod as GM and Laviolette as coach and
director of player personnel. It is believed that Weisbrod has faded from
contention for the GM position, but a person with knowledge of the situation
yesterday said that Laviolette's return, possibly in a dual role, is not out of
the question.

"It's the best explanation of why Charles Wang would wait this long,"
an NHL executive said.

Squeeze me? Could it be that many potential candidates might be waiting to see how and if Charles Wang resolves his Milbury issue? Could it be that the Islanders job just ain't that sexy? Crappy building (until the "Lighthouse" becomes a reality), less than second-class standing in the market, etc. Do you think the Marc Crawford's of the world are licking their chops at the chance to jump into that den of bile? Is it really some grandiose scheme or just the rudderless machinations of an indecisive owner? I would expect the latter. In my mind, nix analysis angle number two.

I hope and expect Lavvy to demonstrate a measure of loyalty to the Hurricanes after the opportunity Pete K and JR gave him. I think Pete and JR will make a solid offer to keep Lavvy in the fold. At the same time I wouldn't blame coach for exploring his options. Let's see Vancouver, LA, maybe Boston, or Hempstead????

Overall, the Lavvy to Long Island thing no-workie in my mind. The only way I see it is if they offer him a package to include:
  1. Multi-year deal as head coach
  2. Ditto as the GM
  3. Mui Fun Tickets (Naval Aviator for cash)
  4. No Captain Yashin
  5. First dibs on firing Mike Milbury

I wonder what Laviolette's family thinks about the prospect of moving again. As we all know, if momma's not happy, nobody's happy.

Colesy Skates! A New Media Scoop Update
The N&O has made an agility leap with their new Lord Stanley's Blog. Remember it took almost two days for the N&O proper to report on Cory Stillman's return to practice earlier this week. Lord Stanley principal writer, Luke DeCock, blogged Erik Cole's return to the ice at 2:28 Thursday afternoon. The crew in the forum was still a bit quicker. Socal saw Erik on the ice just before Thursday's practice, dropped a call to Ice Saber who posted the news at 11:07. Hyena posted a great photo at around 5 pm.

Damn, lost another scoop to the new media.

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