Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day and Game Five

Memorial Day in my home town of Glendale, Ohio was one of the best holidays of my youth. A big parade and a picnic at the Lyceum heralding the opening of the pool. Veterans would don their old uniforms (whether they still fit or not) and lead the parade. Dr. Todd's uniform always fit perfectly. He was a Navy Doc, and he's now the mayor. The vets were usually led by Bill Carruthers. Bill was a Green Beret in Nam who never quite escaped that experience. The parade would end at the war memorial below the old water tower, where there would be a few speeches, some flag parading and a few rifle volleys. One Memorial Day my dad chewed me out because I failed to stand and take my ballcap off during the anthem. Never made that mistake again. The picnic was always a blast-when it didn't rain.

On this Memorial Day, I'm reminded of Glendale's own John MacCaslin, who as a junior co-pilot in a B-24 Liberator watched the pilot-in-command right next to him get instantly killed by Flak. John had to finish the mission-his first mission, over Germany. Where do we get such men? I dunno, but thank God we do.

Great Memorial Day movies:
Twelve O'Clock High-Gregory Peck
The Bridges of Toko Ri-William Holden (This is where the "where do we get such men?" line comes from. Look for Mickey Rooney flying a helicopter from my first squadron, the "Fleet Angels" of HC-1)

Common Myth Now De-Bunked
This just in. Corey Stillman does not disappear at playoff time.

I thought the 'Canes were doomed when Lavvy had to pull Gerber. Down a pair in the second, they found a way to bounce back again. Cam was solid, bordering spectacular. Instant momentum change works again. 'Canes loose, they have to win two in a row with the first a do-or-die back in Buffalo. Now they are in the driver's seat. Keep the hammer down boys. If you let them back up, anything can happen in a game seven.

I'll be watching the papers this week for a little escalation in the Briere/Ruff disconnect. The Sabers will be in "us against them mode" big-time between now and Tuesday. The "them" in at this point might not only be the Hurricanes.

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