Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Bulletin Board Material From the Maven

Ok, we all know by now the Maven thinks the Devils were victims of a series of unfortunate events. Now Stan Fischler, fresh off his revisionist Devils retrospective, has jumped squarely on the Buffalo bandwagon. I guess it was inevitable. The Sabers are the last MSG Network club in the hunt, so he's now a Sabers guy.

Fresh off picking the Devils in six, he now says it's gonna be Sabers in five. Why you say? Stan thinks Cam Ward is a "cardboard goaltender." He used this term on the air and then reiterated it in his MSG online article:

"As I said on the air following Carolina's elimination of the Devils, I
consider Cam Ward a cardboard goaltender. And what does that mean? Miller has
stood his ground between the pipes for the Sabres. Since the start of the
playoffs, Ward has been touted as the second coming of Georges Vezina. This is
nonsense. Yes, he helped beat the Canadiens, but Montreal has a popgun

I guess he missed much of the Canadians series. And I guess the wicked offensive depth of a team that included Gomez, Gionta, Elias, and...and...anybody? ...seemed significantly more intimidating to Stan than the Habs. Maven goes on to give the Sabers the edge in just about every other category.

JR is quoted in an nhl.com piece as saying the Canadians have been the 'Canes toughest opponent yet. Part of his commentary is surely a dig at a less than gracious Devils club that still can't come to grips with having their clock cleaned in five. The larger part is just the naked truth.

I don't mind any pundit picking the Sabers in this series. I think it could go either way.I just don't care much for a know-it-all, who has been proven to have little insight into these playoffs (he said it would take the Devils seven games to beat the Rangers) telling me with supreme arrogance how it's gonna be. Couple that with the fact that he doesn't mind routinely dropping snide personal insults into his commentary, and you've got the makings of a truly distasteful old curmudgeon. Case in point is the finish from his latest article:

"Peter Laviolette has been nominated for the Adams award because of an
equally positive campaign. That is, if you overlook his egregious failure with Uncle Sam's Olympic team in Turin."

I got your egregious right here, Mave.


The Acid Queen said...

Stan Fischler is so full of crap--AS USUAL.

I place the blame for Turin squarely on the shoulders of Don Waddell, who elected to go with guys like Mike Modano, Chris Chelios, and Derian Hatcher--the old guard who were firmly in "just here for the beer" mode--rather than younger and hungrier players.

CasonBlog said...

I think Lavvy succeeds where he is able to build relationships and trust vertically and horizontally in the unit. If you all will recall, he tried to begin that process inthe limited time he had with the polyglot Team USA. Concur with Her Majesty, too many of the old guard on Waddell's squad to realize the changes in culture he wanted to make. Mike Eaves is succeeding right now with a squad of younger guns.