Saturday, May 27, 2006

Odds and Sods

Gerber Resurgent
No science involved, you could just feel it was "Baby Food" time. It's real interesting to contrast the physical styles of the 'Canes two goaltenders. When he's on, Ward is controlled and deliberate in his movements. Gerber on the other hand is a cat-like little bundle of energy when he's in the zone. Glad the 'Canes have two legit options in goal. It gives them the opportunity for instant momentum change. Cam is hungry. He's tasted being number one and seems a bit pissed about being benched. He'll be more than ready when and if called. Wouldn't Dallas have loved the option the Hurricanes now enjoy?

Red and Black in the MSM
Belated Bravo Zulo to David at Red and Black for his commentary in the Christian Science Monitor. His analysis was right on, and the fact that he was a go-t0-guy for a major newspaper speaks to the emerging power of David's blog and our new hockey media.

Sod Jerry Sullivan
H/T to BFLOB and thanks to our own Cousin Ned for opening the door to this slag.

Dethrone the Dictaphone-hit it in it's funny bone, that's where they expect it least....
In keeping with emerging tradition, this entry was crafted while listening to a fine rediscovered (by me) record: Bruce Springsteen: Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ


Bill Purdy said...

O my! That Sullivan's a real tool!

I'm boldly predicting Canes in six after last night's performance. Our better netminder is back in fine form, the team is healthy, and they've got the whole "win it for Erik" thing going.

Scott, you don't have to suffer through it out in the desert, but lots of your readers understand... Getting ahead of myself a bit (and, yes, I've mentioned this elsewhere), I'm seriously dreading having to listen to Holly Wilver sing O Canada two more times.

But I'll deal with it.

CasonBlog said...

Bill, I've been meaning to say, "cute kid" for awhile.

I think we're gonna see-saw to a game seven. Neither team seems able to take control from period to period, let alone game to game. I keep waiting for the Canes to drop the hammer, but the Sabers seem unwilling to cooperate.

Bill Purdy said...

Thanks for the compliment. Your comment reminded me it's time to update -- that pic was taken on Father's day (my first as a dad) a year ago. Since then, the kid's developed an impressive mullet. My sister calls it a "Tennessee Waterfall." I call it good ol' hockey hair.

Either way, he looks especially cute in a 'Canes sweater. Expect a new avatar soon.