Saturday, May 27, 2006

On Colsey and Rick Jeaneret

Got out of work late last evening-love those late Friday afternoon meetings when they are called by folks who want you there merely to endorse decisions they've already made. Not your meeting, Jeff Kallay, experience marketing guru of Mindpower in Atlanta. Yours rocked. We hockey bloggers need to consider our readers experience with our story telling-you know, enhance the multi-sensory appeal of our work. How do I bring that unique mildewy hockey equipment smell to my reader's experience? How do I introduce the unmistakable sound of shattering chicklits and pre-scrum vocal pleasantries? But I digress...

Driving home from the lot where our nearly year-long new home build project is about to become reality, I was talking with the wife about the best timing for Erik Cole's return. I opined that it wouldn't be worth it to put him in late in the conference final. If the Hurricanes were to lose the series to the Sabers, then tweaking team chemistry and maybe risking his long-term health just to not even make it past the final four wouldn't be worth it. I thought they owed it to him to bring him back in the finals. He is a big piece of the 'Canes success this season. It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and I think his return would have sparked the boys to reach a little deeper when it matters most.

Unfortunately, all prognosticating in Erik's case will be for naught--this season. Hang in there Erik. I hope JR, Lavvy, PK, and Caniacs everywhere continue to make it clear to you that you are the guy who brings the wicked speed, killer instinct and a nasty edge that pushes Hurricane hockey another level. Plan on coming back next year with a reinforced Mike Singletary sized neck and just pick up where you left off.

Listened to Rick Jeaneret coming home last night on the Sirius radio. I thought Rick Moffat was the best radio guy I had heard calling the hockey play-by-play. I've always loved our guy, Chuck Kaiton, as well. He puts just as much into his high-pitched, "...and scores!" squeal for opponent goals as he does Hurricane goals. Ditto Jeaneret. He's more a story teller than correspondent. He does a great job with the tension build to emotional payoff thing. Like the great ones, he sells the experience. Get it?

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Tom L said...

Thanks for giving RJ props like this and for recognizing his greatness. He truly is a treasure.