Thursday, May 25, 2006

Our Own Worst Enemies

What, You mean I gotta take my head out of Coach K's ass for this?
Two things over the past two days have found their way into my craw. Both remind me that hockey in North Carolina still has a way to go. The first is Cousin Ned Barnett's dopey slag on hockey and hockey culture. Nice literary technique, cover your lack of passion and knowledge of the sport by belittling the game and basically calling ardent fans a bunch of nutters.

The second is some clown named Jefferson Davis, errrr Davis Jones. Mr. Jones attempted to cut the oversized Hurricanes jersey's off the statues on the state capital grounds. His quote in the N&O:

"That's not the purpose of state monuments, to make them mannequins for a
fleeting sports event," said Jones, 49, a small-business owner, consultant and
carpenter from Raleigh. "As a native North Carolinian, I feel it's very
disrespectful and disgraceful to do this."

First of all, get over the "native" North Carolinian crap. Like that should make your opinion more important than others. I see these "native" Texan license plates out here all the time. So what, by accident of birth that makes you a better Texian? In Arizona we don't worry much about that stuff. We ran all the natives off or into reservations a long time ago (much like NC and TX huh?). Second of all, this "fleeting sports event" is one of the most prestigious championship campaigns in the world. The 'Canes second deep cup run in the last four NHL seasons has the potential to put Raleigh on the world's stage, again. Maybe Mr. Davis just wants Raleigh to stay the sleepy little town that Andy and Barney used to venture off to when they wanted to escape the drudgery of Mayberry.

In Edmonton, you've got Mardi Gras in the streets after every Oilers win. I must have seen over a hundred pictures of folks in that town climbing lamp posts, parading down the streets and generally showing their pride (and their magnificent breastusus) along the Whyte Mile. In Buffalo, you've got an entire community behind this Sabers Cup run. What nutter would dare cut up a similar display in that town? Can you say, "lynch mob?"

Unfortunately, Ned and Caulton Tudor are two of the most public faces of the Raleigh sports media. I concur with Her Majesty in her rant of today. These two do not get hockey and really seem to resent it's intrusion on the Triangle's ongoing fixation with Duke/UNC/NCState/Coach K/Coach k..... Maybe that's the other burr in Mr. Davis' saddle as well.

'Caniacs run the gambit from "natives" to Michigan transplants, to Canadian refugees. There are folks that get it in Raleigh. The ones that don't just seem to make their way to the front.


The Acid Queen said...

Davis Jones is a toolbag--and he's also even more hypocritical than the Sabres fans claim I am, since I don't see his outrage over Washington and Lincoln being used by car lots to sell cars on President's Day.

After all, it's just a fleeting car sale.

CasonBlog said...

Nice photo-feature of the statue jerseys on I like them going the "piss off" route with Jones and his ilk.