Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Power of the New Hockey Media

Lot's of 'Canes fans cringed when they saw Cory Stillman go down with what looked like a nasty leg, knee or ankle injury in Sunday's series finale vs. the Devils. Like many, I wondered how bad he was hurt and how long he might be out. Well, leave it to the crack correspondents of to get there first with the answer.

My favorite ongoing forum dialog strand is titled, "practice reports." Several participants file these reports and the banter is always entertaining. NCCanes reported just prior to 1 pm on Monday that Stillman was back at practice at skating at full stride. Not enough proof for you? ONeillsNo1Fan, went in search of more concrete proof:

"I went out back afterwards and asked Cory how his leg was and he said it
was fine. Very very very glad to hear that. Nicky had a brace on his arm, I
dunno if that has anything to do with why he didn't practice. Good news on Erik,
too. He drove himself today."
Crikey! Four huge news scoops in one forum strand. I have no reason to believe either correspondant is a stalker or some real life version of the wierd guy in the new ESPN mobile ads, just fans who are connected with their team and community. How 'bout this new media?!?

OBTW, you had to wait until today to get this same news on Cory from the N&O. Not a slam on the N&O, just a reflection of news cycles that new media doesn't have to adhere to.

OBT-BTW, over the last months, I have registered with under around four different alias's. I keep forgetting my user name/password combo, and end up starting over. If any forum administrators are reading this, feel free to delete all but one of participants from Tucson-they are probably all me. If you have the time, leave me in as Smo-Fan and drop me a line on how to fix my login issues.


The Acid Queen said...

Will pass this on to Caniac et al. for you

Drew said...

I'm not sure how things are in Carolina, but I know the Blue Jackets have all non-gameday practices open to the public. If one had the time, it would be possible to scoop the local print on a regular basis.

CasonBlog said...

Welcome aboard Drew. Bout time we got some Blue Jacket bloggers in the mix. The 'Canes hold a number of practices at a place called the Rec Zone. It's basically a community rink (not even the nicest in the city) where they have a suite at the end of the building. When I worked at NC State, I used to go over at lunch (like the folks do now) and watch practice. You'll never have better access to world class athletes than in a setting like that. I hope the Jackets provide the same access to fans. Think you'd ever get that close to Barry Bonds?

OBTW, Can you still be the world's best Rueben at Katzingers in German Village?

CasonBlog said...

Damn this nervous twitch. I mean get the world's best Rueben.