Monday, May 15, 2006

They Wait Until *!!?*&%!! Mother's Day to Win????

Happy Mother's Day to You NHL!
Didn't see a lick of yesterday's game. The scheduling geniuses booked game five on Mother's Day, and like the loving husband and dutiful father of four I am, I was attending to my brunch, window shopping and kid management duties. Like Her Majesty, I kind of thought the Devils might take game five, thinking the Hurricanes were gonna need another day to decompress and get their focus back. I was wrong. Cam was solid again and from what I've read, the 'Canes played again at full mojo.

About Game Four
After berating those sunshine fans at the RBC who bailed at the 20 second mark of game two, I had to at least stay 1 second longer than them. I bailed at the 19 second mark of game four. I hope you all joined me through nearly three complete periods of video root canal-let's call it a moral victory for we the faithful. The one complete game I've been able to watch in this series is the one they tank. I the old days, it would have been easier to bail right after the first period. With this team, I kept believing something good was going to happen even when they were down 4-0.

As a kid I grew up a UUUGE Cincinnati Reds fan. Sparky Anderson rented the house across the street one season and I played little league with his son (now I'm name dropping like Garth). The Big Red Machine of '75-'76 was a team I would liken to the 'Canes. They played like they believed they were never out of a game. Everybody remembers Carlton Fisk tying game six of the '75 series and ex-Red Bernie Carbo winning it with a walk-off homer, but few remember that the Reds came back an won game seven on a bloop single by Pete Rose that scored Joe Morgan. After the game, Joe commented that he knew if he got on and into scoring postion, Pete would drive him home. The Big Red Machine never got rattled, and I don't think these 'Canes get rattled.

Bring on the Sabers
This will be a really fun series to watch. Both teams bring wicked speed, near on-ice telepathy among line mates, and a never say die attitude. Both have rookie goalies who probably have yet to realize the gravity of their situation. Howevuh (Dialog a la Steven A. Smith), if like the Sens, the 'Canes take bad penalties and give up odd-man rushes because of defensive lapses, the Sabers can win this series. This more veteran-rich 'Canes squad is gonna have to step on the Sabers early and own game momentum. These Sabers remind me a bit of the Thrash. They are great front-runners and very hard to come back on.

Now is the time when we need to realize the investment in Mark Recchi and Doug Weight. Now is the time not to let Chris Drury hover at the back door or even breathe with the puck at the end of a game. Now is the time to hammer Maxim Afinogenov until he starts to think twice about freelancing with the puck. There are times he looks like Alexi Kovalev, skating like Brian Boitano and scoring pretty goals in bunches. He can also be made to disappear like Kovalev as well.


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