Thursday, June 22, 2006

Breakin' it down - the Ducks new graphic id

The Mighty Ducks of Los Angeles, in Orange County, in Anaheim, but not in dismal old, rundown and far too ethnic Santa Ana, are now the Anaheim Ducks. Today they rolled out their new graphic identity. Looks like they brought in the Queer Eye crew for at least one element.

The pros

  • Black and tan...ummm beerrrrr.
  • Lots of sharp edges make the logotype look like some sort of stealthy ninja weaponry.

The cons

  • The Batterang-like webbed foot "D" would look better as a stand alone graphic.
  • Why do a duck foot as your principal graphic element? Is that the most graphically compelling part of a duck's anatomy? I don't think I want to know the answer to that last one.
  • Asymmetrical stripes cause permanent damage to my heterosexual male neurology. I still get a migrane when I look at a Craps or the old Ducks jersey. Black accented with swooshes of color that start at the hip and end in the armpit must be slimming. Just Sewwwwpurrr!

They swung and missed on this one. I say they should just tweak the old swiss cheese Donald Duck mask inspired logo. Just drop the teal and eggplant color scheme and keep the black and tan. They could then butch up the swiss cheese texture on Donald by adding a brushed titanium steel mesh effect. Black, tan and a brushed titanium mesh on a circa 1940 cartoon waterfowl deathmask - Ooooh, now that'd be sexy!


Stormbringer said...

I realize that I'm in a vast minority with what I'm getting ready to say: I never thought the (Mighty) Ducks' original logos and colors were *that bad*. I, *gasp*, kind of liked them. Certainly like 'em much better than the new logo and colors. The NHL already has a black and "Vegas Gold" team with the least eggplant and teal are original.

The only thing relating to the (Mighty) Ducks that I can safely say was/still is an abomination is this.

Stormbringer said...

"The NHL already has a black and "Vegas Gold" team with the least eggplant and teal are original."

Correction: The NHL already has a green and gold team with the least eggplant and teal are original.