Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Calm in the Center of a Storm

Respect today for Oil coach Craig MacTavish and his squad. The Oil aren't outwardly blaming anybody for last night's third period meltdown. They're not calling out Andrew Ladd or the Hurricanes, they're not blaming puck bounces, crippling injuries or bad officiating. MacTavish is keeping it in the family, and his boys are toeing the company line. Yeah, I'm sure there was hell to pay last night and at practice today for the breakdowns in the third period, but Coach Mac is taking care of business away from a reporter's microphone or spiral pad. His quote on the CBC Website:

"You never win a Stanley Cup without overcoming some adversity along the way,
and so far to this point, we haven't had to overcome a lot. When you get
to the finals, you've got to overcome some of that."

That's the way to run a hockey club. If the Oil come back, it will be because they've kept their composure and found a way to turn adversity into opportunity.

Now the Oil look at film too. Much as the Canes came out with a plan to clamp down on Pronger's rips on the PP, the Oil will make adjustments. Look for them to get physical and try and knock the Canes off stride a la Buffalo in game two. They'll probably run at Cam and try to instigate in an effort to get the Canes to take bad retaliation penalties. Keep your cool Laddie, Commie and KAdams. There's a storm a comin.


Drew said...

An opposing coach keeping it cool, Brind'Amour must be pleased. [That's a joke, Caniacs]

In all seriousness, the thoughtful statement is probably all that is keeping a lot of people from completely writing off this series.

Good luck tomorrow night!


Chris said...

Everyone knows that the Captain's opinion is more important than all of the sports writers and league officials combined. ;-)

Christy Hammond said...

Did you hear that not only did Roloson strain his MCL, but he also hyperextended his elbow? Poor guy.

Good luck tonight - go Canes!

CasonBlog said...

Hey Christy-Roloson showed a lot of class. No crying in his beer. No blaming. He's focused on the team first.