Friday, June 09, 2006

Cousin Ned has a new playmate

Welcome to the Hurricane Hater Club Mr. Al Strachan!

Cousin Ned's new best friend has joined the Carolina-no-deserva-hockey Operaman chorus with a new post on Canoe. Here's a snip:

"Like the Devils, the Hurricanes are a team without a town. Their arena is located in the open countryside a few miles from Raleigh, and they are designated as belonging to Carolina. When fans are as scarce as they are for this team, you wouldn't want to limit yourself to only one state."

In the open countryside, next to a division one college football stadium, a couple of office complexes, restaurants...and it's bracketed by freeways, a state fairground, and a catholic high school. The RBC is closer to downtown Raleigh than Scotiabank Place is to downtown Ottawa. But Al's readers in Kamloops need not know that level of detail. It kind of waters down the snark appeal of his story.

Read on if you haven't heard it all before...


Desdemona said...

Strachan is a known tool in Canada. I think that he pays the paper to print his columns instead of the other way around. Please, never take this man seriously. Ever.

CasonBlog said...

So you got a Cousin Ned too?

Desdemona said...

If Ned is largely regarded as an idiot who stumbled on a sports column but doesn't know the first thing about hockey, then yep. Forget cousins, they could be siamese twins.

I don't know why I did it, but I actually read the article. All common sense left me as soon as I clicked on that link. What a load of garbage. You can tell that Strachan hasn't actually attended the finals in Carolina as they have just as much to brag about in the noise department as Edmonton does.

But I'm wasting my time talking about that pile of garbage. Please ignore him and most article from the Edmonton Sun. And, if for some reason Ottawa's Bruce Garrioch decides to pipe in on the Finals, he's another one to take lightly.

Chris said...

Des, that was the same advice I gave on the Hurricanes forum. Just ignore it - the guy is insignificant. He wants outrage - it sells.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Just a second to what Des said.

Strachan is a joke who works for a joke paper.