Monday, June 12, 2006

Game Five: A "True" Must Win for the Oil

Yeeee Hawww!
Dateline Raleigh: Forward Ryan Smyth expected to crash the net in game five as Oil face SCF armageddon.

Issue Number One: Please assure me Mick McGeough isn't working game five!!!

The Canes demonstrated they could hold a lead without going into a rope-a-dope. They crushed the Oil PP- multiple Oil PP's. Once they quit taking ticky-tack penalties in the first, their team speed, team defense and heady on-ice leadership took over the game. The Carolina Hurricanes were on the attack virtually all night.

Eric Staal was back tonight. His Dirk Nowitzki leap, puck snatch and backhand pass to Recchi for the game winner was a thing of beauty. Joe Vasicek skated with all the grace and speed of Marek Malik in his return tonight. I do recall him registering a nice hit, but I recall more seeing him getting worked off the line around the faceoff circle.

Oh yeah, Vanilla Ice had another great game in goal. Nearly every chance the Oil did create was turned aside with near robotic precision. Ward even cleared many of his own rebounds. He's the Anti-Hasek. He doesn't hurl his stick and flail around making the easy ones look hard. As Yoda McGuire was heard to say above the Rexall din, "A Zen master he already is."

Jussi was stellar, and was the only thing that kept this from being somewhere around a 4-1 game. If I'm Coach MacTavish, I'm telling the boys to get back to smashing up the Hurricane blueliners-keep hitting them hard...and late whenever possible. Draw some more retaliation penalties. Doooh! That pre-supposes your crew can net a few PP goals. On second thought, maybe they should launch a few more Smyth missiles at Wardo. Yeah, that's the ticket.


The Acid Queen said...

Eric's name before he anglicized it was "Merkw├╝rdigliebe".

Full marks for the Dr. Strangelove reference.

CasonBlog said...

My only fear now is that the Oil will try and steal our precious bodily fluids.

The Acid Queen said...

We must protect the purity of our essence at all costs!