Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Game Five

Well here I'll sit. Just me and my old pal Trinatron. It's around 108 today in the Sonoran Desert, and I couldn't feel farther away from the epicenter of the hockey universe than I am right now. Her majesty will likely be in the 300 section giving misbehaving fans hell, and looking out for Mr. Eklund. David and Chris should be tailgating right about now and then down in the bowl for the puck drop. And I'll be watching that Dodge ad, now sans the fairy reference, at least fifteen friggin times. While my pards are hootin' and hollerin' in the RBC, I'll be listening to Doc throw shout outs to the 1928 Rochester Blue Bombers, and listening to JD repeat his pre-game theme over and over again.

Canes have to continue with the attack tonight. They need to get up early, keep the puck in the Oilers zone and break their will. No fiddle farting through the first period again. No lack of hustle penalties, just cold merciless pressure and artful puck control. The vets need to treat it like one more game-controlled aggression. In game seven of the Sabers series, Roddy was tight. Hopefully the guy who sets the tone for the club will set a tone of self-confidence and laserbeam-like focus.

The Oilers will probably try to penetrate with the puck, wrist it on goal after gaining the blueline, and then have all hands crash Wardo. The Samsonov goal was about the only Oil bright spot Sunday. They'll probably try and repeat that penetrate, dish, shoot and crash sequence. My guess is that they'll throw pucks at the net and bull rush at every opportunity.

For the Hurricanes this means poise with the puck on D and crisp outlet passes that lead to speedy counterattacks. Should make for some wide open hockey tonight. And if we are lucky, a fine end this first season of the "New NHL."


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Game six.

Quite a game - could have gone either way.

Good for us - no Canes ES goals. Ward, Weight hurting? (Although Ward is crazy tough). One PP goal. We're not dead yet.

Bad for us - Eric Staal has arrived. Still only 1 for 7 on the PP. Still have to win two while you only have to win one.

Great game. Hope to bring it back your way for Monday night!

CasonBlog said...

The seven game series format makes sure that the better team wins. That being said, the single mistakes that have driven the game outcomes in this series have been huge. Conklin/Smith in game one, Pronger in game four, Stillman in five.