Monday, June 12, 2006

Game Four

When asked to comment on his no interference call in game three, referee T.J. Hooker replied, "Damn it Scotty, ....this moves at warp factor eight!

Eric Staal is all the buzz right about now. He's in Joe Thornton playoff mode, and that doesn't bode well for the Canes. It's balanced scoring across multiple lines that makes Carolina so deadly, and Eric, because of injury, mental or orthopedic fatigue, has been less of a force with each game. He needs to at least start making some plays to take the heat off Brindy's line.

Lots of pile driving on the Warchief from Covered in Oil, and Black Dog. Roddy owes E.J. Hradek and the assembled media nothing. I liked Hradek's reporting back before he started camping it up on NHL Live. His inane commentary makes my hair hurt now. Frankly, I wish nobody would talk to the media after games. You either get "we've just got to take it one game at a time" riffs or something that get's turned into bulletin board material. I wish they would just designate Bobby Knight or Bill Parcells as the NHL's chief post-game spokesman. They'd turn it back on the media. That would also keep Lavvy from putting his foot in his mouth. Don't blame Roddy in the least. He stayed away to avoid bulletin board material because he knew as pissed as he was what would happen. It happened anyway.

From what I've read, Roddy wants an explanation for how Smyth's goal differed from the 0ne he had waved off. Rod said he thought it should count but wants Mr. McGeough and crew to explain the call. Hockey's TJ Hooker is all about showmanship, why not put him in front of the press for some splainin? MLB Umps go before the press.

Like I said the other day, that goal was probably payback for the disallowed Moreau goal. Just don't count McGeough to admit it.

More on showmanship
I dig they way the Oilers emerge from that stainless steel doored bunker as they make their grande entrance. I wonder if they have to go through a series of doors and phone booths like Maxwell Smart to get to that final vault door. The erector set oil derrick is a bit silly, but I like stylish entrance and promenade.

Now put it away and move on
Most of the hockey world sees Saturday's game as a tipping point. More rightly said, they will it to be a tipping point. The hockey gods must be appeased. Cain't have no redneck hockey winnin' no Cup. Alan Adams at FSN says tonight is a "true must win" game for the Hurricanes-as opposed to a false must win, eh? It ain't no must win for the Canes, let alone a "true" must win. However, it may well be a must win for the Oil.

All right boys, it's us against the world time again. Adjustments have been made. The edge will be back after the way game three ended. Controlled agression, eye of the tiger, yada yada. Worst case scenario, Oilers win, Whyte Ave rocks, we see more breastusus and the boys get to one more chance to crush 'em at Rexall.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

One win away now, huh.

You're right - they spout cliches usually at the postgame pressers.

Does Brindamour owe Hradek anything?

Of course not.

Does he owe it to the fans and the league to present hinself postgame - sure he does. You are in a nontraditional market, correct? Brindamour's job is to sell the game, whatever mood he is in, to the fans who pay his large salary and to the potential fans who will hopefully turn Carolina into a traditional market that twenty years from now will have a rich tradition.

Don't you think?

I have always liked Brindamour, believe it or not. He is a warrior, a throwback as it were, a true captain, like the Oilers' captain.

If Jason Smith came out after a game where the Oilers were outplayed and did nothing but whine about the officiating I would hope the Oilers stripped of him the C.

No matter to him - he will likely raise the Cup in the next week or so after a long and terrific career - bravo for him I guess. He just lost a lot of my respect on Saturday night and I expressed that feeling.

CasonBlog said...

Roddy is a warrior and that's why I would tend to give him a pass on any allegations of whining. Lavvy, still smarting from Lindy Ruff's theatrics, is probably too sensitive and prone to ill-timed blasts. Either way, anytime you're with a reporter, you have to remember that it's the controversy that sells fishwrap.