Monday, June 19, 2006

Game Seven Lineup Thoughts

Weight or LaRose or Vasicek or Ladd
and/or Tverdovsky or Babchuk

Weight gives you veteran savvy and playmaking in deep, if he can survive the pounding. Possibly less pounding if he plays primarily on the power play. Weight is probably playing for his last chance at a cup. Is that enough incentive for him play through the injury and be a difference maker?

LaRose will bring enormous pent up energy. This means five to six minutes of relentless hustle and nasty agitation. He might be able to generate a critical turnover with his forechecking. But Chad brings no offense and questionable discipline in a game where discipline may be a deciding factor.

Vasicek-IwoCPO has his enigma, we have ours. He's under contract thru next year. He also probably knows he's potential trade bait after tonight. I haven't seen enough fire in Joe to think he'd be a difference maker. Smaller guys are knocking him on his ass in this series.

Ladd has virtually disappeared. He was netting around 13-14 minutes of ice time by the end of the Buffalo series, but now he's back down around five minutes. He's a ferocious hitter and a rising star, but why dress a rook you only plan to use for five minutes?

Tverdovsky is our enigma part deux. Brought in as a playmaker on the blueline, he's become a peripheral player. He's got cup experience and the potential for a brilliant Ozolinsh moment. He also has the potential for a Oh-NOzolinsh moment at any time.

Babchuk has a wicked slapper from the point, but with the Oil blocking shots with reckless abandon, his only real asset at this point in his development (besides his hulking size) looks to be nullified.

Bottom lines
You definitely play Doug Weight if he says he's ready to go.

You sit Ladd, LaRose and Vasicek and play Tverdovsky for the blueline insurance and playmaking potential he brings. Chad and Andrew's time will come. Joe hasn't shown up in these Stanley Cup finals. The only other option might be to sit CAdams and play Joe. If you do, you have a one man energy line of KAdams.


Desdemona said...

Congrats, and good interview. Putting LaRose back in was a good move IMO.

Swabbubba said...

Congrats see ya next year...

CasonBlog said...

Des-Chad brought the energy. So did Laddie. The boys were a different club tonight. What a great series. When Pisani scored I started having one of those Fred Sanford heart attacks.