Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gone to recital

He's in Deeper than Hull!!!
Only saw about 15 minutes of the first period last night. You see, it was dance recital night here in the Old Pueblo, and my youngest was in act three of a four part, "four seasons" themed program. Dance recitals are like swim meets. You sit for hours just to watch your kid in the spotlight for around three minutes. She was great, they did a number to the old Queen song, Crazy little thing called love. Beat the hell out of all the hip hop, bump and grind garbage the teenagers were doing.

This was her second recital-the other one was in Raleigh a few years ago. At both, half the program was the instructors and select dancers doing multiple numbers. Yeah, I get it, you all can dance. You can do ballet and jazz, and you can wallow around on the floor to depressing chick music...But I'm there to see my little Diva, and I don't like having to wait until the third quarter for her three minutes of stardom!!!!

Keeping up with a game your team is losing on a Crackberry takes a lot of the pain away. No visuals, no JD fluff- just the stats. Looks like Smyth's goal was kind of payback karma for the disallowed earlier goal.

No recitals planned for Monday. Game four on.


Chris said...

haha. The things I have to look forward to.

CasonBlog said...

Oh yeah. Volleyball, football, soccer, dance, gymanstics, softball, baseball-that's where all your time and money go when you become a parent. I play hockey once a week-and that get's bumped sometimes if there are kid events.