Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If you're not cheating, you're not trying

Bob McKenzie has a piece on the TSN site today that looks at the Oil goaltending issue and alleged cheating in the faceoff circle by our venerable Warchief. Here's a snip:

Horcoff had a real nasty exchange with one of the linesmen in Game 1, and some
video will be put together for the NHL and its officials on what they believe to
be Brind'Amour's 'cheating.'

"Some video will be put together...?" By whom? At who's command? Will the video put itself together? Smacks a bit of early stage whining. So we go from admiring Coach MacTavish's handling of the Roloson injury setback, only to find he's going Narc on Roddy?

A few words to live by, embraced by generations of Naval Aviators - "If you're not cheating, you're not trying." Learn the subtle nuances of the game at this level young master Horcoff, and you may well be rewarded with a career rivalling that of Cap'n Rod. You start showing up the linesman and refs, and you may well end up taking that borderline diving penalty at a very inopportune moment.

Game Two at a Glance
I think the Oil will take some runs at Cam Ward. I don't think Georges Laraque will be sent out on a Jeff Gillooly mission. The Oil were successful early in game one when dumping the puck deep and smashing up Frankie Kaberle and AWard at the end boards. Look for more of the same. Expect to see Ryan Smyth's sweaty mullet parked in front of Cam a lot tonight as well.

The Canes need to play puck control, nasty forecheck from the opening faceoff, and keep their poise in their own end. We now know Cam can make the amazing saves when necessary. Now he needs to concentrate on not letting in the cheapies (like the Hecht goal in game seven). I'd love to see Eric Staal re-emerge as a force tonight. That would bode well for the Canes and maybe force the Oil to keep Pronger on the ice well into the 30 minute TOI range.

I'm going to be watching Andrew Ladd real close on every shift. Should be some action around him don't ya think? I'll also be watching Mark Recchi. I really want to see him get into a Ray Whitney-type groove before it's all over.

No Cardinal Ximinez re-set today. We're still at six things.


Jameso said...

Someone tell me if I'm wrong, but sending tape of something like this to the refs isn't all that unusual in a series, if you think they're getting away with something. Again- the Oilers are doing it by the book; they're not going to the press about it or anything.
You make it sound like 'telling on' Brindy is worse than, say, cheating. It's not grade 4; I can't see why they wouldn't take it to the refs.

Desdemona said...

Sending a tape to the refs is not unusual. And you have a very short memory as Brind'Amour was chirping for the same reason in Game 1 vs. Buffalo.

CasonBlog said...

You're both right. Sending the tape is not that big a deal. Two things bugged me.

One: Horcoff calls out Roddy after he gets fleeced repeatedly on faceoffs. That smacks of whining.

Two: McKenzie doesn't say who thinks Roddy cheats, and who is sending a tape to the league office. I've heard no quote from Coach MacTavish about this issue. So that aspect smacks of whining as well. If the issue is real and the case is solid, let's see the man get out front.

Desdemona said...

Horcoff calls out Roddy after he gets fleeced repeatedly on faceoffs. That smacks of whining.

Again, Brind'Amour did the same thing when Drury kept winning all of his faceoffs. He actually got angry with the linesmen and told them to drop the puck right.

I don't like that Horcoff said anything, to be honest. Cheating at faceoffs is part of the game, it's just that Brind'Amour does it so well and the way he does it is borderline, so he's going to get away with it.

I said it before on someone else's page, Brind'Amour's talent in faceoffs should be respected and studied, not bitched about. But you don't get the right to whine about his whining since your man did the exact same thing.

Whew, I feel like I'm going in circles.

CasonBlog said...

Good point Des. It would take a blue ribbon commission to track this faceoff circle gamesmanship back to its origins.