Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's a Marathon not a Sprint

Back to Edmonton. Hopefully AWard and Doug Weight's shoulders have been put back in place and taped up. Staal was way too lax on the PP in OT even before the turnover. Letting Peca run him off the puck...arrgh. Too bad because he was a monster the rest of the night. Lesson learned. Come out firing and break the hometown fans hearts Saturday night.


Desdemona said...

That was Pisani, not Peca

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I think he's referring to earlier in the PP - Peca gave Staal a good run and recovered the puck, back to Pronger who dumped it back in to start the last sequence.


What's your take on injuries, cason? I had supposed that Staal was hurt but I have a feeling that he may be better :)

I have read that the following Canes' players may be nursing more then the usual bumps and bruises - Ward (he may be now but I think he's like J.Smith on the Oil - he's in the lineup regardless), Wesley, Williams, Brindamour (first I heard - I think it was on penalty killer blog) and now Weight.

What do you think? On our end Pisani was hurt in G1 but looks to be getting better and Smith (not Smyth) may be as well. Or he may just be exhausted. Other then that I think we're "healthy".

CBC was also surmising that Hedican was in tough shape.

Weight may be done - I don't remember him taking a shift after he left. Other then that ...?

CasonBlog said...

I was talking about Peca running him off earlier. It was Pisani who swiped the puck off the lazy Stillman pass.

I blew out my shoulder playing C league, and the way AWard and Weight both reacted to the hits, both looked like shoulder injuries. You kind of bend over a do anything to keep from moving that shoulder. AWard also had a nasty red my face skidded across the boards rash. I think they're all banged up. The boys do get two solid days to recover. And it looks like they'll need it going back to the Great White North. No margin for error in this series. Things are turning on one mistake.

Anybody else think it's about Colesy time?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

hmmm, I thought Laviolette ruled him out completely - what's the word down there? he was on HNIC tonight - looking pretty good in his suit - they interviewed him - seems like a pretty wellspoken guy

Ward took a slapshot off the foot too after he came back.

I think he plays.

I think Weight is done - did he play at all after he was hurt - nobody has been able to tell me

if he's done it hurts your PP and what would be the makeup of the third line - Whitney moves to C??

Obviously I'm hoping for G7 but as you said things turn on one mistake - G1, G3, G4, G5. Its like our series with the WIngs. Could have been a sweep either way after 4 - bounces.

Love a game 7 - that would be amazing!

Jeff J said...

I wouldn't blame Staal on the OT goal. Same goes for Alfredsson on Pominville's series winner. If you use forwards as PP point men, you have to take the bad with the good. It's not a natural place for a forward in playoff OT.

Swabbubba said...

The hitting the Oilers have be doing all series is now paying some divdends. Game 6 should be a blast

CasonBlog said...

The Oilers hitting definitely took it's toll last night.

Chris said...

Yeah, I think I remember Brind'Amour taking one off the hand/wrist in an earlier game, which may be affecting his faceoffs. I don't remember who said it, or I would provide a source. Sorry.

Desdemona said...

Oops. I really have to stop skimming. Did anyone else catch the swipe Cam Ward took at an Oiler player when they surrounded Pisani in celebration? I'm sure I saw a nice hack on Smytty after his goal went in.

Is the rookie finally losing his cool?

Chris said...

I've always found that analysis in hockey, much like any other sport, is a retroactive science at best. If he melts down in games 6 and 7, then he might have lost his cool. If he steps up and gets in done, then probably not. :-)