Friday, June 23, 2006

JJ moves up the food chain

JJ Guerrero of Canucks Hockey Blog brought (or paid for) a hot date, and ponied up the fun tickets for a new suit and tickets to attend last night's awards show.

Nice summary and photos of some clean shaven Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes !!!!
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One report I read said Wardo and Staal pillaged the media buffet table. If so, it kind of makes that Onion piece carry the ring of truth.

I watched a bit last night. Nice intimate party designed by Canadians for Canadians.

  • Nameless Canadian band (what, no Bare Naked Ladies?)
  • Nameless Canadian comic
  • D-List Canadian celebs including Tom Cochrane of 1981 Lunatic Fringe fame ( I saw Red Rider twice in college) and some hottie from that show on the SF channel that has Lorne Greene and Michael Landon on a spaceship fighting robot cyborgs.
  • No Kid Rock, Cuba Gooding or Nuke LaLoosh (thank God)

Roddy winning the Selke was a no-brainer. His ode to Lavvy was heartfelt and powerful. Lindy Ruff winning the Adams was kind of a downer, but Lindy kept that club fighting when lesser men would have made excuses and looked to bail.

I think Lavvy's gonna be Ok. He's got the important hardware.


Bill Purdy said...

I saw Red Rider twice in college

Showing your age, Scott. Showing your age.

Stormbringer said...
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Stormbringer said...

"No Kid Rock, Cuba Gooding or Nuke LaLoosh (thank God)..."

Yeah...what was up with Kid Rock and Cuba Gooding Jr. hanging out at Game Seven? I guess I could hang with Cuba being there (though that picture of him with Ray Whitney made me think of the Bud Light ad with the dude sneaking into a beisbol team's locker room celebration), but Kid Rock?! I know it would mean the team is getting more popular, but I hope the rumors of Kid Rock becoming a partial owner of the Canes are false. I don't want to even imagine the possible advertisements to come out of Kid Rock have ANY SORT of involvment with the team. Can we say quite possibly the 2003-04 "This Is HOCKEY!" radio ad all over again?! o_O

CasonBlog said...

I seen to recall it as, "This is Hockey????"

Bill Purdy said...

Kid Rock was there pretty much every game from the New Jersey series on. I guess if I wore a porkpie hat and people gave me free food, I'd mook on camera and wear embarassing "Redneck Hockey" t-shirts, too. What better does the guy have to do that doesn't involve Scott Stapp?