Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Look Back at the 2002 NHL Entry Draft

Editorial Note: CasonBlog will indulge in some basking and reflecting between now and Saturday's NHL Entry Draft.

Episode One:
Before the Meldown-The 2002 NHL Entry Draft
What do Petr Taticek, Alexander Semin and Anton Babchuk all have in common? All have either never played an NHL game or gotten barely a sniff in the show. And all were all drafted ahead of Wardo.

Here's a list from round one in 2002. Some big names up top like Rick Nash, and a maybe a big name to be in Kari Lehtonen, but please, San Antonio Rampage centerman, Jakub Koreis, and his eight AHL points in 70 games over Cam?

Part of me wants to embrace the Phoenix Coyotes as my team 1A, but sheeeesh, their draft record and personnel moves have been pretty abysmal. Case in point, 2000 first round pick, and now underachieving Penquin property, Krystofer Kolanos.


mudcrutch79 said...

You might as well say it: at number 14, the Oilers took Jesse Niinimaki.

CasonBlog said...

I'm not taking an instigator penalty at this point. Great narrative today Tyler.

Alex Abboud said...

To give credit to the 'Canes where credit is due, if my memory is correct, Ward was seen as a bit of a reach at #28 as well. I certainly don't remember him being a consensus first rounder in the draft previews and mock drafts that year.