Friday, June 02, 2006

Maven Memories and Razor Rage

Couple days off and time to look for some fresh pickings. The first is not so fresh. I went back and looked at Stan Fischler's pre-set of the Canes/Sabers series. DjMave picked the Sabers in five, gave them the edge in every category except special teams (which he called a draw), called Cam Ward a cardboard goaltender and closed with an Olympics re-set slag on Lavvy. He's now moved on to musing about leadership searches on Long Island.

The other is a bit fresher. H/T to Tom over at Canucks Corner for the lead on Stars broadcaster Darryl Reaugh's rant about the Doug Weight boarding call in game six. Woa! The Razor pulls no punches. No soup for you Jason Pominville! It's a must read.

OBTW--Props to Tripp
I knew that Harvard education would come to Tripp's aid eventually. His analysis at Lord Stanley's Blog the past few weeks has been solid. No mention of his groins to date...


The Acid Queen said...

Stan Fischler knows two things:

Jack, and Shi'ite, and Jack left town.

mudcrutch79 said...

Agreed. I note that he's picking Carolina in the Finals.

I'm just going to head out to Whyte Ave. now to get a good spot for the looting and rioting.

The Acid Queen said...

I note that he's picking Carolina in the Finals.

Mighty caucasian of him, after the garbage he dropped on us last round.

mudcrutch79 said...

If any of you had followed hockey for more than a few weeks, you'd be well aware that he hates the Oilers even more-he was immensely bitter when the Oilers knocked off the Isles back in the day.

(Kidding! Kidding! You guys are all so sensitive!)