Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Skates are Killing Me!

Inquiry for hockey playing types. I played both Sunday and Monday nights and I've got nasty blisters on the insides of both my heels. I've got flat feet and play with a pretty high grade insole, but not one specifically designed for over-pronation. Orthotics won't fit in the boot. Does anybody make a skate or arch lifting insole for mutants like me?


Chris said...

Do you play with or without socks?

CasonBlog said...

I wear some nylon hiking socks. Not thick, just moisture wicking.

Stormbringer said...

I don't play hockey, but the socks are more than likely your problem Cason. When I tried to learn to skate way back in November of 2003, I made the HUGE mistake of wearing not-so thick socks. And I paid dearly for that...had some big-a** blisters that took at least a month or two to heal.

So yeah, sounds like you need some thicker/appropriate socks...like the ones sold at hockey and skating gear stores. I know I'm getting some (along with my own pair of skates...rental skates are a b****, to put it mildly) whenever I get back to learning to skate.

Drew said...

I wear mid-length normal athletic socks, and they seem to work fine for me (but I don't have arch issues either).

Some of the guys I know play without socks altogether, but I could never get into that.

Good luck finding a solution. You might ask your doctor/podiatrist? Let us know how it all works out.

Chris said...

I'm one of those guys who plays without socks. The socks would always rub the wrong way and cause blisters. I started doing the no sock thing after a friend suggested it. It works for me and, after your feet are used to it, works great.

nuts4pucks said...

Are your skates too big? If your feet are moving around in them, that could be your problem and thicker socks might help. I wear thin socks and have never had a blister (played as many as 5 games in a weekend and went to hockey camp last year where the equipment never got dry and had at least 2 on ice sessions per day). In any case, good luck with solving your problem!

Tapeleg said...

What kind of skates do you have? What brand and model? Are they a very stiff boot?

I LOVE my skates. Love them. I have the Shift 1 from Kor Hockey. Not a cheap skate that's for sure. They heat mold to your feet a lot more than the average skate (Think like a speed skate. Bake 15 minutes, strap on for 30). They fit my feet perfectly.

(I'm getting to the point, there really is one)

When I took them in to have them sharpened the first time, the guys at the shop asked how I liked them. I told them I loved the skates, but I had to get past the blister period (Outer ankle). They practically kissed me, because they say every skate will cause blisters for a little bit, and it's just part of the territory. And this isn't some play-it-again shop.

I've also heard sugggested to skate without socks, but since my blister period is over, I don't work about it any more.

I hope this helps, without sounding like I'm belittling the problem. You should enjoy skating, and blisters can take away from it.

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

Happy fourth of july.

kermie said...

Opinions based solely on my running experience as I haven't put on a pair of skates in 8 years.

I started running a few years ago. One of the first and most important things I learned was, "No cotton socks!" You mentioned you're wearing moisture wicking socks, so sounds like you're on top of that.

I'm sure there will be some rub created by the skates themselves (like tapeleg mentioning his/her ankles -- that's just a place that's probably going to rub until they're broken in), but if it's elsewhere on the foot, like your arches, you may also want to try a product called Bodyglide, which is used by runners and can be found at most any sporting goods store. (I bought it at Inside Out in Raleigh.) Moisture-wicking socks prevented blisters until I started training for a half-marathon and running longer distances and, thus, more rubbing. I started using Bodyglide and I stopped getting blisters.