Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pig Pile on Cousin Ned

I was gonna let my fellow Hurricane bloggers tell this tale...until I read this Ned Barnett line in an Edmonton Sun piece:

Not that there aren't hockey fans here. But not in the sense of fans who know
much about hockey or even attempt to do so.

He's great copy isn't he? Possible reasons for Cousin Ned's take:
1. He want's to be edgy and controversial so his blather might land him a job outside Raleigh.
2. He thinks he's fulfilling that journalists role of "talking truth to power."
3. He's ignorant about hockey and we all know ignorance breeds contempt.
4. All of the above.

Tonight, he'll get to the RBC early. He'll use the special entrance just for journalists and take the special elevator up into pigeon heaven. His first stop off the elevator will be the buffet line where he'll chow down on chips and those little egg rolls. Eventually he'll waddle over to his special place on journalists row. He'll kibitz with his fellow journalists and pretend to watch the contest while he talks Star Trek and American Idol with Jerry Sullivan. When it's all over, he'll take some free grub for the road and exit in the same fashion as he entered, never having the occasion to run into any Hurricane fans. Then he'll go home to his laptop in his mother's basement, consult the Manatees (South Park reference) and write tomorrow's column. Ahhhh, brilliance at work!!!

Hey Caniacs. If you have the opportunity to run into this clown at the local adult video store or Toys R Us, please tell him what hockey fans think of his snotty little drivel.


Drew said...

How much of the writing was inspired by Ned, and how much came from Terry Jones? Sounds like neither has a particularly rosy take on fans in the Triangle. I don't understand why the local Canes media insists on making the fans look so ?dumb?. Perhaps if it were true, there may be reasoning. But in my experiences (albeit limited) with Carolina fans, they're the same as fans anywhere else.

For most hockey teams, I would be willing to bet that the percentage of fans who follow the entire NHL religiously is much lower than we [those of us who do follow the NHL as a whole] would believe. There will always be a difference between hard-core and casual fans. I can't tell you how many times I've sat close to people in Columbus (and even Detroit) who are great fans of their own teams, but couldn't name more than one or two players on the opposing roster (or don't know the rules, etc.) It amazes me that they don't love the game as much as I do, but I respect their choice and I'm always glad they've come out to watch the game.

These are the casual fans that our game needs. Cousin Ned doesn't seem to realize that beating the casual fan over the head and calling them stupid isn't the way to keep them coming back.

CasonBlog said...

Well said Drew. You have similar issues with any Dispatch writers?

Drew said...

Fortunately, not. That is not to say that our Dispatch columnists are excellent, but certainly passable. The hockey beat writers aren't all that bad, it's really the sports editor that steams me. Every Sunday, they publish the weekly letters to the editor with his short/snarky responses. He's a man who seems to believe that the best way to increase readership is to belittle those who take the time to write in (though I guess some do deserve it) and act like an ass in general.

Once Buckeye football winds down for the year (that's a joke any central Ohioan will get), the hockey articles can be quite good.

Whenever talk turns to contraction (in the national media or outside Columbus), I always have a deep worry that they're going to take my team. Pro sports doesn't have a great history in Columbus (Ohio State notwithstanding). In the last 15 years, we've gained and lost an arena football team, indoor lacrosse, World Football League, Continental Basketball Assoc., professional women's basketball, junior hockey. I'm also a Browns fan, so relocation for absolutely no reason is unfortunately responsible for some fandom scarring in my life.

At this point, my fears may be somewhat unfounded because the Blue Jackets routinely sell to 90%+ capacity.

But so did the Browns.

Good luck to the Canes in the Finals.

CasonBlog said...

I seem to recall in 1990 that the Saturday Ohio State game news trumped the Reds sweeping the A's in the World Series.

Chris said...

I have a friend who lives in Columbus - he's a Canes fan, as he went to college in this area and he's my friend (he adopted my team). He complained that the local team wasn't any good.

I was aghast - "You guys have some of the best young players in the league! Rick Nash!" He's a soccer guy, primarily.

I do agree - I think all markets have the casual and hard core fans and are pretty much the same.

Drew said...

Our team isn't very good... yet.