Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thinking of Glen Wesley Tonight

In the spring of 2004, my wife and I went to the Fridays in Cary for a nightcap after attending a particularly humbling home loss to, I believe, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Soon after we were seated, Glen Wesley walked in with his wife. As they approached their table, Glen noticed I had on my Hurricanes jersey. At first, his eyes lit up and he started to give me one of those male-to-male smiles and head nods. Almost instantly however, his eyes averted, he got a kind of sheepish look on his face and he managed only a half-hearted wave. What started as a muy macho affirmation quickly became more subdued. When my wife and I got up to leave, Glen again recognized us with a smile and weak wave.

I sensed that Glen felt that he let us (not me or my wife-Hurricane fans in general) down that night-that season. That told me a lot about Glen Wesley as a professional athlete and as a man.

Well, hang your head no more Wes. Your name is forever engraved on Lord Stanley's cup. I only hope that more men like you hoist the Cup as Carolina Hurricanes. I look forward to watching a banner bearing the number 2 join the ring of honor next fall.


RafaƂ said...

We are the best!!! We won the Stanley Cup! It was amazing season and night! WOOOOO!!! HOOOO!!!

IwoCPO said...

Great game. Great team. BZ and congrats.

Drew said...

The Canes and Oilers gave fans what they expected and more in what has become a string of excellent Stanley Cup Finals series.

As a fan, be sure to enjoy your team's championship, as you never know when the next opportunity may be.

Ritch said...

Great story- as a longtime Boston Bruins fan, I was pulling for Wesley, who was the last active player who played on both Bruin teams that made cup runs in '88 and '90.

Congrats to the Canes, and Glen Wesley.

Now, all all I have to do is read a report that Jeremy Jacobs has sold the Bruins in order to concentrate full time on fighting an agonzing strain of syphilis, and everything I was rooting for last night will have come true.

Keep up the good work.

CasonBlog said...

Thanks Rich. Welcome to the daily read list. On your site you asked, "what to do now?" Now we talk the draft and free agency. Now we talk about our teams winning the Cup in '07. Hope springs eternal for all at this point.