Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Third Period WWF at the RBC

Why didn't the Oil equipment manager just hand Georges Laraque the folding chair and let him use that on Andrew Ladd? Wouldn't have been more dramatic if Ethan Moreau could have just jumped off the top of the penalty box and hit Glen Wesley with that sucker punch to the throat? I guess there just wasn't time to script a proper Wrestlemania.

MacTavish sends a message to Conklin and the team by playing the Juicy card tonight, and Kaboom! Most goals weren't on Juicy, but a five spot is a five spot. I think he's got to come back with Juicy just so he's got Ty as the last reserve. Maybe that joke about the Oil dressing out Floyd Whitney isn't so crazy after all.

Seriously, that crap out of Dredy Locks Laraque was absolute thuggery. He takes a run at Wallin's legs then boards Andrew Ladd when the boy's head is down. And the Canes take it? You're up five goals and nobody takes a shot at Moreau? That's the only bittersweet thing about tonight for me. The Canes played the game right start to finish. They blocked shots, played great team defense, created great shot opportunities, Cam was the man, and they kept their discipline...too much friggin' discipline. Somebody, or a lot of somebodys should have jumped Laraque after he mugged Ladd - especially after his run at Wallin. Was Commie out on that shift? I kinda thought that was why Tverdovsky got some late ice time. I'm sure they wanted him out there as an enforcer just in case something like this happened...

All right it's only game two. Days off and a brand new series in a brand new building on Saturday. Oil are a proud team. Can't count on them completely losing discipline again.

Want a great read?
Check out this live blogging at Covered in Oil. Here's a snip from around 8pm:

Please don't let them score again. If they score again, we're going to
think about Conklin. All I want is for the game to end, and for no one important
to get hurt. Oh, and if someone could remove my male-parts, so as they can stop
getting kicked, I would appreciate it. Man breasts are a small price to pay for
not experiencing this kind of pain.

Oil bloggers are kind of the Anti-SaberFan. They have a gallows humor that is hilarious and refreshing.

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