Saturday, June 17, 2006

Uhhhh, one more roster adjustment...

This just in: It's Colsey Time!

Per 1:
Hedican goes to the box for sticking his arm up (2nd time in two games) and Moreau doesn't after he hits Cole in the head with a forearm shiver.

Sub goal for Period 2: Make the little Latino Leprechaun feel some pain.

Per 2:
Bad penalties reign. Get your heads out of your asses boys. Colesy came to play.

2-0 The Oilers want it a lot more. Is it Gerber time?

Better finish, but the Oil are the better team. Even the penalty to Smith was a weak one.

The boys at least need to establish some puck control going into game seven. I'm so sick of Doc and JD talking about shots on goal-we get it.

Whitney and Stillman are getting no looks. Adams, Adams, Big Joe is our best line thus far. At least they came to brawl.

Eric Cole is playing as though he's been there the last three months.

Per 3:
Awww fuggitaboutit. See you Monday night for the last game of the season. Come on boys, play with some pride and we can live with the results. Tonight was an embarrassment. The Oil beat you up and took your lunch money.

WARNING: This section added after drinking too much
Where'd you go Captain Rod Brind 'Amour? Still fiddle fartin' with the puck way too friggin' long, eh Matt Cullen? What's it too rough out there for you "Offsides" Cory Stillman and Ray Whitney? Is that why you all were invisible? Joe Vasicek needed to step up tonight. Well thank you Joe for your one measly shot. You did a marvelous job of grabbing Pronger's sweater after the whistle and looking kind of psychotically detatched. Nice penalty trifecta Bret Hedican. Thanks to eight of you for your one shot on goal each for the whole game. My 75 year old mother-in-law could have snagged the shutout in goal tonight for the Oil-without even having to amp-up her pacemaker.

I say sit Kaberle and play Babchuk, and sit Vasicek and play LaRose in game seven. It's a net gain of one non-Euro and at least Chad will give you 110 percent. I'm also gonna have an intoxicated sleep on the idea of starting Martin Gerber in game seven. Hell, let's see if Bates Battaglia has some free time.

Some say it's easier to bounce back from a blow out than a nail biter. Whatever. The Canes earned the 7th game on their ice. Let's pray that plays in their favor.


mrbossman said...
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mrbossman said...

Too much standing around. And the too many men penalty, ugg....

macndub said...

Hedican's third penalty was so weak. I'm an Oiler fan, but that's so bloody weak. Good thing for y'all that the even-up is coming. Not so good for good ol' ourside..

mrbossman said...

No goalie change unless he gets shelled in the 3rd. PPG here and they got momentum. EDM is playing very well though, especially defensively.

Christy Hammond said...

Hey, I was wondering if you would like to participate in my Behind the Blog feature for Behind the Jersey. I have your questions ready and I went to email them to you, but then realized I can't find your email address. If you're interested, please drop me an email at or reply to this comment. Thanks!

CasonBlog said...

Check your .edu Christy-Thanks

mudcrutch79 said...

The Canes earned the 7th game on their ice.

Not really, but it's going to be there anyway.

CasonBlog said...

And the Oil earned their 8th spot going into the playoffs. Timing is everything and the Oil are peaking at the right time.

Swabbubba said...

hmm who can the Canes bring.... What is Ronnie Francis doing these days. the Wings playoff motto was "Bring it" well since then, the Oilers won that series they have brought it to all teams. We have 60 minutes of hockey to play before one team gets to raise the best trophy in all pro sports.
Lets hope the Refs let them play. Go Oilers

CasonBlog said...

I'm not nearly as cheery as our friend swabbubba. I'm also not as depressed as last night. Let's see what kind of magic Mick Shatner has left in store of both sides.