Monday, June 26, 2006

Weight or Recchi?

In today's N&O, J.P. Giglio has this teaser at the end of his piece on the re-signing of Lavvy:

"Weight and Recchi, who are both unrestricted free agents, were assumed to be rental players and expected to be gone this summer. Not necessarily, Rutherford said. "I think it would be difficult to keep both Doug and Mark, but it may be possible to keep one," Rutherford said."

Both consented to come to Raleigh because they liked what they saw of team chemistry and liked the Hurricanes chances of winning the Cup. So if it plays out, who should they keep? Recchi is 38 and Weight is 35. Re-signing Recchi could be a slam dunk. As the holder of his rights, the Canes could retain him by agreeing to pay him $2.2 mil, or Recchi could trigger the option by agreeing to stay for $760K. I doubt he'd do the latter, but the $2.2 mil might fit. So, how bad does Recchi want to go back to Pittsburgh? He planned on finishing out his career in Steeltown, but what might he think of playing for a rebuilding team and for Michel Therrien? Lavvy or Therrien? That's a no brainer. Wonder if Momma Recchi is anything like Momma Pronger? Little to no snow, Carolina blue skies, quick shot to your beach house or mountain cabin, Nordstroms...Raleigh looking better.

Weight is a clear UFA and should be able to attract somewhere in the $4 mil range. JR would probably have to bring a deal in that ballpark to keep him. Like Recchi, does Weight burn to return to a rebuilding St. Louis club? If not St. Louis, there are probably a lot of teams who would pay to make Dougie a centerpiece. But family and stability are important to Weight as well.

If Cullen goes to another club, that that might change the priorities a bit. The departure of Cullen could mean Joe Vasicek comes off the trading block. With Cullen in the fold, the Canes are deeper at center than wing. If Heddy and Wes retire, Recchi gives you continued veteran leadership in the clubhouse. So in sum, I say find a way to keep Recchi. He's half the price of Roddy and a fraction of what it's gonna cost to land Staal, Cole, Williams, etc.


nuts4pucks said...

If we're talking Cullen or Vasicek, to me the answer is easy. Matt Cullen is worth his weight in gold and Big Joe has been a huge disappointment. Matt does so many of the little things well, that he is a versatile and useful player in multiple roles. Joe is a very gifted hockey player but he's soft, soft, soft and has yet to live up to his considerable potential. At what point do you start demanding more than potential from a guy? Matt goes out there and does the job night in and night out. Pay him what he's worth and unload Joe.

Stormbringer said...

Totally agree with Nuts4Pucks. I'd take Cullen over Big Joe any day of the week right now.

As for Recchi vs. Weight, that is a tricky one. But in the end, I see Recchi staying more than Weight. It's all about that paycheck, and the bottom line is that I think the Canes would rather pay Wrex's, which is a fraction of Dougie's.

CasonBlog said...

I would obviously prefer Cullen to Joe. I just hope the bonds are strong enough with the club to keep Carolina in his sights. He's a pretty hot commodity right about now. He could be a number two centerman on a lot of clubs, a number one on maybe a few.

Michael said...

Recchi is not staying. He just built a new house here in Pittsburgh with his wife being from here and is going to finish out his career in Pittsburgh.

Weight also strongly suggested that he's going to turn to St. Louis. I'll have to do some digging but that was the plan all along..

Face it... this Canes team was just built on rent-a-players.

CasonBlog said...

Mike-While I see the wisdom in your take on the Recchi back to Pittsburgh thing, I would take exception to your closing shot. The Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes were not "built on rent-a-players," merely finished with select rent-a-players.