Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wheeew...not Wooo, Wooo Hooo!!!!

Red and Black Mojo?
David, did you have a sign tonight that read, "My Beard Believes?" I did a double take in the third when the camera panned the stands and I saw what I'm sure was your memorable visage. Right after that, Dougie Weight scored the equalizer. This presumed DLee mojo countered the bad JD mojo of the second period when he described how Lavvy wanted everybody who called him the last few weeks to know he was waiting until after the playoffs to call them back. He was almost making those calls tonight. Immediately after this bit of fluff commentary, the Sabers scored the go ahead goal.

Doug Weight kept his word. He made up for the bad penalty of Tuesday night. To my eyes, the Weight, Ladd, Whitney line was the best Hurricane line tonight.

Roddy's pucker meter was pegged tonight. He admitted as much in the on ice interview after the game. He was tentative all night until he pounced on the lose puck for the game winner. Nice shot at Lindy Ruff in the post-game interview as well. Roddy doesn't make it a habit to call folks out in public. Ruff's theatrics must have really pissed him off.

Spent the last few minutes in Leo Mazzoni mode, rocking back and forth with nervous energy until Justin Williams put it away.

Hail Sabers
Unlike anybody else the Canes have played thus far in these playoffs, these Sabers made you nervous every time they crossed the blueline with the puck. Kovalev made you a bit nervous-ditto Elias, but nearly every Buffalo forward and blueliner (Lydman) made my stomach turn when they had the puck in our end. The Sabers are a bunch of gutsy, opportunistic and skilled warriors. I know it sucks tonight for Buffalo Fan to think what might have been if only they could have sent a full roster to the ice. We were without Erik Cole, but they were missing Teppo, Connelly and a holy host of players and still could easily have won this series. The Sabers are solid with no real rent-a-players in their lineup. They're bitter. Their fans are wicked bitter. They'll be back. Deepest respect to Kevin at BfloBLog for the thoughtful post on a tough night.

No Touchie
Not only did they not touch the Prince of Wales trophy, Roddy huddled them up for a team photo op. Team comes first under the Lavvy/Roddy regime.

In 2002 I was elated when the Canes made it to the Cup finals. In 2006, I remember what a downer it was after game one of those finals. Rest up boys. It's business as usual tomorrow. The Oil went to New York to get ready for the finals. They should fire their travel agent. They're comin' south.


DrFrankLives said...

What a prick that guy is that you linked to.

Now we get to hear for a year how they would have beaten us if this if that blah blah blah, as if the guys who did play would have played so out of their minds if they had Teppo and the others.

Over a seven game series, we were the better team. And if I hear one more freaking crack about ticket sales, I am going to punch somebody. That house was packed, and it was rocking.

Sabresfan, kiss my ass. Sabres, congratulations on a hell of a series and a hell of a show of heart. Mr. Ruff, my best wishes to your daughter and your family. But you need to learn to shut up.


The Acid Queen said...

Tom L. is good folk, but Matt can kiss my big fat ass. There's no way in frickin' hell that I could afford tickets for Rounds 3 or 4 and still hope to be able to pay my rent and put food on the table for my family--not on my wages.

And that "12 minutes" bullshit is just that--bullshit. The scalpers snapped all those tickets up and left none for the fans.

Maybe I should do like Matt and move into a van down by the river--then maybe I can afford to travel to other teams' barns and make an ass of myself like most of the Sabres fans that came to the RBC during this series.

The Acid Queen said...

Oh yeah--and the Oilers went to the Rangers' practice facilities so that they could get out of the media zoo that is Edmonton (and because of the close relationship between Oilers and Rangers manglement).

Bill Purdy said...

That was Mr. Lee, lookin' sweet. I tailgated before and after with him... he offered extra posterboard to me, I could think of nothing clever to write and HE ended up on TV (quite apropo, methinks), and his beard is looking quite mighty. Mine, for the record, is sparse, but no less sincere... GO 'CANES!! woo!

Cason, you are good. You, too, Queenie!

(Posted, drunkenish, at 2:00 am)...

Chris said...

I visited David in his seats (since we sit close enough to throw things at each other, should we wish it). He did indeed look like he was going to throw up, but he kept steady. The sign was funny.

Drew said...

Congratulations to all Canes fans for your continued ability to have a sincere rooting interest in the playoffs. As a CBJ fan, I have not had the pleasure of cheering my own team in the post-season to date, but I really enjoyed watching and listening to the fans in the RBC last night. At times, you could see more fans and the swinging white items than you could ice.

I think Eric Staal said it best in his pre-game interview, stating that the Canes had to use their size advantage to turn the series. It certainly looked to me like they did just that. Despite looking plucky at times, the smaller Sabres seemed buffaloed at times by the larger Carolina players. And the go-ahead goal was created by big Justin Williams creating time and space for your captain to score.

It has been fun to watch your team play, and I look forward to at least four more games before it's all over.

Tom L said...

BTW, guys, Matt asked me about what he could say before he posted and I didn't hold him back, it wouldn't be right. He cares a lot, and isn't always nice, fair or otherwise.

He calls it as he sees it as you guys do. The opportunity to take the high road by anyone involved in this series from Ruff to Laviolette to Weight to the Fans was past a long time ago. Everyone, ON BOTH SIDES, said a bunch of things that were unfair, unkind, and untrue.

Win with grace and lose with dignity, that's all I ever ask for. It doesn't always happen, but it's what you wish for.

FTR, Rod should have kept his mouth shut about Ruff, if he'd've done that I would have no complaints about last night.

I feel awful for them today, but I won't sully the performance of either team with grousing... it's unprofessional.


CasonBlog said...

Good point. Upon reflection, the "tee, hee" of the moment when Roddy took a shot at Lindy last night hardly seems worth it now. I think Roddy probably wishes now he would have kept his mouth shut. He is a class act. Heat/elation of the moment took over.

Lots of folks said provocative and over-the top things in this series. I'm ready for one more round of redneck riffs and "you don't deserve a championship" slags. It's old, and anybody who keeps up with Canes forums, Canes bloggers, and RBC regulars knows we are just as passionate as everybody else-and Caniac nation is pretty solid given the 'Canes relatively short history as a franchise in Raleigh.

d-lee said...

Vis a vis the "MY BEARD BELIEVES" signage..... builty as charged. Amazing that I made it on OLN (start of second period) and TSN (last minute of third), but not onto the jumbotron.

CasonBlog said...

I thought as much. Wish I was there with you all last night.

The Acid Queen said...

I think Roddy probably wishes now he would have kept his mouth shut.

And Andrew Peters wished that he hadn't trucked out the virtual golf clubs in front of the Leafs bench toward the end of the season.

Whatever--it's all water under the bridge. I've said and done plenty of things in the "heat of the moment" that I wish I hadn't done or said, but nothing can change them....and anyone who tries to tell me that I'm a shitty fan or that I don't love my team because I won't risk eviction or job loss to get tickets to a playoff game is going to get his face melted.

CasonBlog said...

I'm not saying it's something to dwell on, just a heat of the moment comment he might want to take back. It also might be something so trivial in the greater scheme as to be forgotten by the weekend.