Monday, June 05, 2006

"...the worst team the Oilers have played..."

Bravo Zulu to DLee for going high ground in this latest CBC Roundtable. Nice how they picked up the Mudcrutch salvo to tease the spot on the home page.

Couple of snips:

Muddy: I'm sure that this will be thrown back at me by
someone if Edmonton somehow blows this, but Carolina is easily the worst team
that the Oilers have played in the playoffs.

Muddy Part Deux: Whether Edmonton wins or not will
come down to the hockey gods, of course. Oiler fans have created a decided edge
with those particular deities, though - we've been providing them with burnt
offerings following every game, while in Carolina the fans apparently return
home without so much of a hint of praise for the hockey gods cleverly disguised
as civil unrest. That's going to come home to bite them. Edmonton wins Cup No.
6. Carolina fans will have to console themselves with the fact that they still
have public phone booths.

Like I said in the negative reinforcement post, the jig is up and we ought to just disappear back into the shadows now. Statistical gyrations and burt offerings are what win Stanley Cups. So unless we find a fatted calf or sheep right quick, the Canes are doomed I say, DOOOOOMED!!!


mudcrutch79 said...

Statistical gyrations? I speak the truth brother. And properly spelled at that. Here's what my statistical gyrations gave me for the first round:

Unfortunately, there's an even better argument that the Red Wings are the best team in the conference by a sizable margin. The failure of the scoring down the stretch means that the Oilers get the only team against whom they aren't arguably even odds to win the series. In a short series, though, anything can happen. It's the 25th anniversary of the greatest upset in Oilers history, when they crushed a Montreal Canadiens team that was one year removed from a streak of four consecutive Stanley Cups.

The difference between those two teams during the regular season was comparable to the difference between these two. The Oilers are huge underdogs but they're good enough to make this happen. They'll need some bounces but if they get them in the first round, they're as good a shot to go the Cup finals as anyone in the West.

Oilers in 5!!

Christy Hammond said...

Congrats on win #1 - Go Canes! :)

DrFrankLives said...

"Oilers in 5"

Only if you put plexiglass in front of your goal.

CasonBlog said...

The game winner was almost as much about the forecheck as the "Dooooh!" by Conklin. One down.

CasonBlog said...

Mudcrutch vice Mudcrunch my apologies. Now no Buttmunch jokes outta you, Dr. Frank!!!!

IwoCPO said...

BZ on your Bravo Zulu reference as well as your Game 1 win.