Friday, July 07, 2006

Down For Moving

The new view at sunset from the back porch of Chateau CasonBlog

Technology is great - when it works. No, I haven't moved on or gotten tired of hockey or blogging. Friday-last was move day. One of the last things still inoperable in the new house is the ethernet. So I'm now literally in the closet so I can wire straight to the modem. And I'm not coming out of the closet till somebody explains to me why the Coyotes signed Jeremy Roenick and Georgeous Georges Laraque. A team in need of character guys, signed one of the league's premier Prima Donnas and an Uber Goon. Das ist Schade....

Love all the re-signings over the past week. JR has secured the future in bringing back Staal, Williams, Commie, Colesy, etc. Way surprised to see Glen Wesley back. Elway left on top, but also physically broken down. If Glen is healthy and still has the fire, good on him. Sad to see Matt Cullen and AWard go. AWard went for a hefty raise and the chance to set up his post-career broadcasting career. Aaron rose from Scotty Bowman's whipping boy to SCF stud. Time to cash in. Good luck AWard. I still have the pic with you and the Teddy Bear ready for next season when we next see you as a Ranguh.Cullen on the other hand is jumping into a meat grinder. He enjoyed a personal and pschological comfort level in Raleigh he won't get in NYC. His game developed under Lavvy, let's see if he's ready for Broadway.


The Acid Queen said...

Lovely sunset.

I'm coming out to your place for my vacation.

Drew said...

Good to see you back.