Friday, July 14, 2006

One Good Ruskie

Sometimes we do things on impulse and it works out despite our best efforts. The crazy $38 mil deal tendered to Sergei Fedorov in '98, shows that despite the recent shrewd and cost-conscious moves PK/JR made turn the Hurricanes into Stanley Cup Champs, the boys in the executive suite might still be enticed into taking a wild ass gamble on a guy every few years.

In January of the '03 - '04 season, the Hurricanes traded Danny Markov to the Flyers for Justin Williams. Steal of a deal in retrospect. The Flyers moved Danny to the Preds for a 3rd round pick last summer.

Free agent Danny was oft-injured, unhappy and underutilized in Bubbaville, and he's still sitting out there unsigned. He's talented, hyper-aggressive, reckless, and a bit daft - the consummate + 9 pond hockey blueliner. I miss watching him in the red, white, silver and black. Might be a better mentor for young Anton Babchuk than the enigmatic Oleg Tverdovsky.

Yeah, I know Wes, Nik, Commie, and Frankie are all returning. I also know JR wants to try yet again to get Jack Johnson to embrace his ultimate destiny. I also know the team would love to get Babchuk into the lineup and have Hutchinson work the point on the PP. That being said, I think Heddy might still retire and Tverdovsky might get traded. So despite the tempting appeals of logic, reason and practicality, I say the Canes should find a way to bring back Danny Markov.

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d-lee said...

I liked Danny Boy (or is it Danii Boy?) while he was here, but even then, I could tell that we got the better end of that trade.

I'm surprised that Heddy hasn't announced his retirement, and when we re-signed Wesley, I was shocked. I'd be quite happy if we could trade Tevvy for a winger and some picks. I know he was injured for a while, but even when he wasn't injured, he wasn't playing like a guy who gets $2.5M.