Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tweakin' and Speculatin'

JR seems to be tweaking the roster a bit. The Joe Vasicek experience has moved on to Bubbavul' where the enigmatic Condor gets a fresh start with his new knee. Scott Walker brings that Randall Tex Cobb schnoz and a North American mean-streak any team would love to have (get the implication?). Not a ground-breaking deal, just a tweak to bring in a seasoned clubhouse enhancer with a a burning desire seize territory around his opponent's net. I'm guessing the Recchin' Ball is definitely out of the mix.

Shane Willis gets a return engagement. He hit his zenith as a Cane just prior to the time I started to pay attention to the club in '01. He might bring some Cullen-esqueness to the Hurricanes, if he can remember to keep his head up out on the ice. He'll probably be this year's Zigomanis.

Trevor Letowkski should be a nice bookend with the Adams Family on the fourth line. He's a solid grinder with slightly better hands than either of his future linemates. I think this is an upgrade for the Canes and not just a tweak.

Next on the agenda? With the departures of Weight, Cullen and Vasicek, the Hurricanes are now short a centerman. Guys in the arbitration mix who might be had might include:

  • Scott Gomez wants lots of bling (over $5mil per season) out of arbitration. Lou's gonna be stuck if he get's anywhere near it. Might he be had in a sign and trade deal? Ex-Devil, Oleg Tverdovsky, and his $2.5 might look good in the right package.
  • Mike Comrie, who spent some time in Wayner's dog house and who has an undercurrent rep as a backstabbing Cassanova could probably be had. Skills and baggage are a tempting but potentially dangerous combo (see: Bengals, Cincinnati).
  • Danny Briere or Tim Connolly. Briere seemed at odds with Lindy Ruff during the Champagne Jam and might be the odd man out.


nuts4pucks said...

Daniel Briere? Do we want a guy who would throw his team mates under the bus like he did in the playoffs? Not me.

Scott Gomez - way too much bling.

Love the Tim Connolly idea, but I hardly see Buffalo letting him go. Time will tell.

James Mirtle said...

Walker's a phenomenal player — when healthy. The problem is that, at his size and with the way he plays, he's often not healthy.

d-lee said...

despite the lovers' quarrel between Linda Ruff and Danny Boy Briere, I think Darth Reiger is committed to the guy. He's in arbitration, and we won't know for up to 48 hours what they award him. Then another possible 48 hours to see if the Sabres "walk away" from it or accept it. My guess is that they'll accept whatever comes back.

I like Tim Connolly, but I don't want him here. I have crazy reasons, but I don't want him to ever leave the Sabres.