Monday, August 28, 2006

The big family reunion

Is this man the missing piece?
photo: Hyena
The Ducks re-signed Bruno St. Jacques for one year, breaking the Hurricanes nearly uninterrupted string of do-over signings. The news last week about David Tanabe lunching with JR and Lavvy brings to my mind two things:

  1. David is a guy both Jeff Daniels and Kevin McCarthy know well. Might be a relatively inexpensive acquisition of a guy with the kind of character they seek.
  2. The Canes must be finding their niche in Raleigh if a local business rag is doing a paparazzi piece like this. The fact that some tipster could identify David Tanabe across a restaurant bodes well the local media finally getting with the program.
I think JR's relative idleness this summer means that he expects a gem to emerge from the "system depth" pool. David Gove, Joe Barnes and Keith Aucoin are all pretty unproven commodities. Not sure if and how much time Trevor Letowski has spent at center. I hope Eric Staal found a faceoff skills camp to attend this summer, cause that was the only area he stunk at last year. Overall, I still think the Canes are talent-deprived at center, and I'm troubled that they have not moved to fill the void created by the departure of Matt Cullen.

At the start of last season, John Buccigross' rub against the Canes was that they were both too old and too young. Barring any late developments, that story angle might actually end up being more descriptive of this year's squad. There are still some intriquing seasoned but not over-the-hill UFA's and RFA's out there JR could still take a run at including big names Anson Carter and Brian Gionta. Hell, if JR want's to keep this old home week thing going, Jaro Svoboda is still looking for a job.


Chris said...

Tanabe signed according to TSN.

nuts4pucks said...

Using Tanabe and "character" in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Granted he was very young when he last played here, but he was a cry baby and a whiner and that is not something that fits this teams persona. What a disappointing thing for JR to do. I hope I'm wrong about this, but I have a real sinking feeling when I think about this signing. Maybe he's developed some maturity and grit. One can only hope.

DrFrankLives said...

has he learned to hit?

CasonBlog said...

Stormbringer has a great take on this one:
She references an incident I was not aware of involving Bret and Tanabe. Maybe it wasn't prudent to use the term"character-guy" at this juncture. Let's hope the brass saw something they liked.

CasonBlog said...

Looking at comment strands and message boards, it seems the prevailing sentiment is, "Hit somebody, then will talk."