Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Bull Part Deaux

Is it the second time that's the charm?
Canes signed Jesse Boulerice...again. Not sure how this makes the squad or system depth any better. Like Stormbringer said in her post about the Jesse signing:

"We're putting the band back together. Now we need to sign Jaro, trade for Bates and bring Ronnie out of retirement."

I'd rather see JR add depth thru younger guys with some potential offensive upside - kind of what he did in signing Chad LaRose in '03. Yeah, I know. We're still waiting on Chad to break the elusive 2 career NHL goals mark.

Burning questions that remain in my feeble mind on this August 2nd include:

  • How will JR fill the hole at 3rd line center created by the departure of Cullen? UFAs out there include Travis Green, eurosoft Jan Hrdina, and the equally soft Boyd Devereaux. How about a blast from this time last season. Remember when the Canes were reported to be courting Jason Allison? This season, a second run at Allison might be intriguing.
  • What's the deal with Heddy's status going into next season?
  • Canes have six proven NHL blueliners and two they want to turn into NHL blueliners (Babchuk and Hutchinson). How hard are the Canes gonna try and move Oleg Tverdovsky and his $2.5 mil salary?
  • Is there a even a snowball's chance that Jack Johnson will be in camp? I'm tired of being teased by this story line.


Chris said...

Allison is soooo slow. Just say no! I think The Dude should be given a chance, just like Cully was last season. Training camp hasn't even started - give him a chance.

I'm curious to see if they'll move Oleg too, although by this year's standards he's a relative steal at 2.5 million. Babs and Hutch both need a legitimate shot though.

Stormbringer said...

As someone who likes to give credit where it's due, that was not my quote, but instead it belongs to MeDotCom who posted this thread at the Canes MB. And Jake Blues too. ;)

No offense Cason, but "GOD, NO!!" regarding Jason Allison. I got so sick of people singing this guy's praises when there were rumors the first time around about his possibly coming to the Canes that I couldn't help but constantly laugh at the piss-poor last season he had with the Leafs. I know that's mean, but seriously, I just could not believe how (seemingly) everybody and their cousin wanted that injury-case wearing the Sightless Eye... o_O

I too would love to know what's going on with Heddy myself...could it be that he, instead of Wes as everyone was expecting, is going to retire?

CasonBlog said...

That makes two solid negatories. I don't know, he tallied more points than $5 mil Briere, Samsonov, and Doug Weight. I think he'd walk into the Weight role on the third line. Yeah, he's a walking disability claim, but on those rare occasions when he's at 100%, he's tough and has a nose for the net. His missed games last season because of a broken hand, not neuro issues.

Chris said...

He's great on the Power Play and if he only got ice time then, he might be worth it. Even strength he is a liability.

He had 60 points in 66 games last year, 39 of those on the PP and a -18 plus-minus.

CasonBlog said...

He's a career +17 guy, but I guess when you play with Jeff O'Neill some of his negative mojo rubs off.