Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Darren Pang - Shilling for Chicklets

Meesa Love Meesa New Toofus!!!
(note the Reuters-quality mad PhotoShop skills)
KFYI radio in Phoenix is running an ad on their Internet stream that features Darren Pang talking about the wonderful cosmetic dentistry options available thru his Nobel Biocare sponsor. Darren laments all the teeth he lost in his playing days and the fact that such slick chicklet repair wasn't available back his playing days.

I dig Darren Pang. Loved him on ESPN and still love watching him on Phoenix Coyote TV broadcasts. Curt Keilback is baritone-voiced and old school good as well. Phoenix has a good TV team. Just seems like an odd endorsement for a hockey culture guy like Panger. Maybe he did sacrifice some teeth to the hockey gods back in the day. Maybe he's got some of the Panger fortune invested in the company. Maybe they offered him a great deal on teeth whitening. I just cringed when I heard a hockey player shilling for Hollywood smiles. As a matter of principle, hockey players don't dwell on personal hygiene in any form, especially when it involves something as inconsequential as the quality of their smile.


Jeff J said...

How does a backup goalie lose teeth? By sitting on the bench drinking pop every game?

CasonBlog said...

I was thinking the same thing. It's not like he's a remnant of the Gump Worsley era.

Tapeleg said...

Maybe it's that, as a player, who cares what your teeth look like. Then you get on TV, and suddenly, it matters.

I'm hoping he's doing these spots to pay fro his flights for charity events, Like Leary's firefighter game.

Could be worse. Joel Quennville is doing commercials for a car dealership (Chevy trucks?) I can't take it. I'd rather buy teeth from Pang than trucks from The Q.

CasonBlog said...

Yeah, bad teeth on TV just doesn't work. I'm comfortable with hockey players endorsing things like power tools or beer. It fits with the culture. Remember when NASCAR Mark Martin shilled for Viagra? That made me cringe. This one, not so bad - less cringe.