Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maybe not a match made in Hell...

Don't drive angry...Just play some friggin'' defense!!!
From Kukla's and the Toronto Sun today you'll find an article about Jeff O'Neill's summer of reflection. When the Leaf Nation signed Coach Mo, one of my first thoughts was that the fans up north wouldn't have to wait long for their first T.O. moment. Towards the end of the Mo-era in Raleigh, Jeff seemed to be the most frequent point of irritation for the floundering Mo. Many will remember that memorable practice when Jeff went off on Mo for making the team endure a Herb Brooks-caliber gasser session.

From this article, it looks like Jeff is saying all the right things heading into camp. I like seeing guys like Jeff and David Tanabe get a chance to redeem themselves. If only all of us could live the Mulligan-rich life of the pro athlete. I just hope it doesn't become a Groundhog Day season for both.

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