Thursday, August 10, 2006

Migrating CasonBlog

It's time to upgrade and move CasonBlog to its own domain and look. I'd like to find a host/software that is user-friendly but feature rich. I want to create my own damn template. I'd like to have the latest comments post a la Japers' and A2Y and be able to migrate more images to the site. I'd like an online tool built in that will permit the creation of tables. I'd also like control over advertising and where it is placed. I want to manage thru blogads - subtle advertising, not something the user has to navigate to get to content. I'm only marginally programming savvy. Any suggestions? Wordpress?


Drew said...

I've spoken with iwocpo at A2Y about this issue recently as I have considered the move as well. you may want to get in touch with him and others to form your own opinion. As soon as I'm comfortable with knowing I'll continue doing this for the long term and can afford the relatively cheap monthly hosting fee, I'll probably strike out from Blogger, too.

I'd be interested to know what you get back from sources and what you ultimately choose (and why). Keep us (or just me if no one else is interested) updated.


IwoCPO said...

Yep. I'm doing the Wordpress thing. For the most part, I'm pretty happy with it. Bandwidth has become a problem I'm trying to solve and that may lead me to changing host/server/big brother whatever the hell it is. Drop me an email at and I'll give you some more gouge.

CasonBlog said...

Thanks Drew and Chief-Sometimes I have to do a double load on A2Y. It routinely boots up slowly. Maybe a wicked mix of bandwidth limits and S---loads of site content.I'll pop you an email with some specific questions.

Christy Hammond said...

I switched from Blogger to Wordpress and it wasn't too hard to do! My site is hosted on and I've had no problems so far, I'd highly suggest using them for hosting.

CasonBlog said...

Drew just moved over to Wordpress as well. I'll start digging over the weekend.

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